I Loved Growing Up as a Missionary Kid

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I loved growing up in Nigeria as a SIM Missionary Kid.   My parents prepared me well for going to boarding school at Kent Academy.  Though I now know it was heart-breaking for them to send me away to school, they knew I would thrive with other children my age.  They knew I’d have opportunities they couldn’t offer me.  They trusted the care and caliber of teachers and dorm parents.  They intentionally connected with me through weekly letters, care packages, and occasional 1 on 1 visits at the neighboring catering guesthouse.  They invested time during summers and holiday times to involve me in their ministries.  They sacrificed to buy a piano for me.  They modeled a contagious, loving enthusiasm for their varied ministries, and I caught it!  They took time for picnics, visiting ‘historical’ places and teaching me manners, history and a fierce loyalty and pride in the USA even though we … Read More