Bob & Hope Carter (Kenya)

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Praise for the Carters’ uneventful return to Kenya and ministry at Kijabe Hospital and Moffat Bible College. Pray for Bob as he presents a concept paper to the hospital’s administration regarding the establishment of an inpatient hospice unit. Pray also as MBC plans for a surge in student numbers, in response to new recruitment efforts, and the additional demands on infrastructure, course offerings, teaching and support staff, and funding a surge will make. Pray also for a rapid recovery for Hope who was to have knee replacement surgery January 30.

Tim & Maureen McAlhaney (Kenya)

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Praise for Tim’s opportunity a few weeks ago to accompany a group of students on an outreach in Kilimagodo. Praise that the Lord moved powerfully, with the result that there are now 107 new believers! Pray for Tim as he begins teaching again, the kids who have started back to school and Maureen who will continue work on her research project designed to help expectant mothers. Pray for the McAlhaneys as they prepare for a US home assignment in a few months, and pray for both of their dads who are facing significant health issues.

Jake & Theresa Boon (Kenya)

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Praise that the Boons’ outreach in the slum of Kibera in Nairobi has been growing. Pray for them as they work with their local church to raise up a team that will continue the ministry since they are sensing a call to move north to a creative-access country in the summer of 2018. They write, “This move is but one more step of faith in our journey of following Christ, who himself was always moving in love towards those who needed to hear his message of the kingdom of God.” Pray for all the logistics for the family to make this move, including appropriate visas, schooling for the kids, etc.

Neil & Sarah Sandoz (Kenya/South Sudan)

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Praise for the progress Neil and Sarah have made in learning Arabic with the seven language helpers they have had since arriving in Kenya last March. Praise also for the encouraging videos Neil has been able to create documenting stories of God’s provision for the advance of the gospel. Pray for them as they spend the next few weeks in South Sudan with the Doro team where Neil will begin a busy filming schedule to help the team communicate all that God is doing. Pray also for Sarah as she works with women in Trauma Healing.

Stephanie Cox (Kenya)

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Praise for the lives that have been touched with the love of Christ through the 178 hearing aids that have been fitted to patients from eight countries since the clinic at Kijabe Hospital opened almost four years ago. Praise also for the students from six countries who have been trained in audiology. Praise that they are disciples of Jesus taking the good news of the gospel far beyond where Stephanie or others at the clinic could go themselves. Pray for the provision of finances needed to subsidize more hearing aids, train more leaders and meet Stephanie’s personal needs.

Kevin Burnett (Kenya)

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Praise for the opportunity Kevin had to attend a global conference in Thailand on how to reach people of another religion, and for the contacts, he made with people from all over the world, and to make use of technology to train, teach, and spread the good news.  Pray for wisdom regarding a new opportunity that is in the works for him to travel, implement the software he has been working on, and to share the gospel. Praise that the Mobile App he has worked on for use in hospitals has been released and has been implemented. Pray also that the second Kenyan election result would be settled soon, and that peace would return to the nation.

Michael & Darilyn Battermann (Kenya)

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Praise for the opportunity the Batterman’s are having to be the dorm parents to seventh-grade girls at Rift Valley Academy. Pray for wisdom, sensitivity, and discernment as they care for and teach them. Pray also for the five students they are each mentoring this year, and pray for godly fruit to be born through these relationships. Pray for anointing on Michael as he teaches the 10th-grade Bible class, and works on new curriculum and study guides. Pray also for peace in Kenya and a fair resolution to the repeated presidential election and the questions that are still unanswered regarding it.

Clinton & Pahtyana Moore (Kenya)

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Praise for Pahtyana’s opportunity to attend a conference in England that helps blend her two passions of theology and creativity together. Pray for her as she finishes a project over the next month using what she learned there. Praise that Clinton, who spent some time in the hospital for diagnostic purposes is now home and recovering. Pray for a peaceful re-run of Kenya’s presidential election on October 26. Praise for one new monthly financial partner plus two one-time gifts of support. Pray that they will receive more support to make up for a shortfall before they are to return in May of 2018 for home assignment. 

Karen Setterberg (Kenya)

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Praise that Children’s Ministry Training (CMT) has seen fruit and a growing understanding of the value of children’s ministry. Praise for growing cooperation between schools, churches, and parents; that people are asking for another VBS in their community; and that children who attended an earlier VBS are becoming teachers for future ones. Pray for the Children Workers Trainings, Vacation Bible Schools, and camps to be held October through December. Pray for funding and that many children will accept Christ and grow spiritually.