Ingessana People Discover the Truth About Jesus

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by Tim Coleman “Are you the man who talks the truth about Jesus?” ask the young Ingessana people. Getachew hesitates as he sizes up the young people. They have turned up en masse to his house from the refugee camps outside the village. Historically, Ingessana people are known to be hostile to strangers. “Yes,” he replies. The leader of the group hands over a piece of paper and asks him to read it. This is a monumental moment. Practicing African Traditional beliefs, many Ingessana people became Muslims in a time of need. Islamic missionaries came promising food and water during a drought. What was required in return for the provision was for the Ingessana to become Muslims. Many of them converted. Due to war, over the last five years, a number of Ingessana people have been forced to leave their homeland of Blue Nile state in Sudan. Many now live … Read More