Mark & Deb MacLachlan (Ethiopia)

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Praise for reconciliation that has occurred with a landlord who had stopped the building of their house (which was already paid for) for one-and-a-half years until government authorities ordered him to allow the building to continue! Pray that he and another man (who were both in prison) will respond to the gospel as Mark and another Christian presented it to them. Pray for rest and refreshing for the MacLachlans who are now in the US for a four-month home assignment. Pray also that they can raise additional needed support while they are here.

Chad & Nancy Bradley (Ethiopia)

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Praise for the opportunity the family had to travel to Langano and be part of the “All Abilities” camp for children with physical and mental disabilities, preach at a local church, and explore the possibility of future ministry there. Pray for guidance as they hold this opportunity before the Lord for His direction. Pray also for the girls at Deborah House in Addis Ababa, which provides food, medical care, education, life skills, and assistance for street girls to reunite and reintegrate with their lost families. Pray that each girl will feel valued and sense the love the Lord has for her.

Andrew & Andrea Janssen (Ethiopia)

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Praise for all those who have provided prayer and financial support for Janssens’ ministry this past year. Praise for an encouraging two days Andrew spent recently at the hospital discussing the topic of neonatal resuscitation with nurses, midwives and residents. Pray for greater effectiveness in this difficult area of preserving life for newborns. Pray for two of the hospital residents – one who recently became a seriously-ill patient herself and another whose young son has a recurrence of leukemia. Pray for Andrea as she teaches Basic Life Support Obstetrics to midwives in an area with minimal health care.

Brian and Laura Hall (Ethiopia)

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Praise that God carried Brian and Laura through a challenging situation at the clinic and continued, amid periodic unfriendly sentiment from the community, to allow them to do gospel work in a dark area.  Pray for complete and God-honoring resolution to the situation. Praise that the off-season camp schedule is up and running. Pray that the upcoming events would be fun times for participants to be involved in many activities and learn about Christ. Pray that God meets the staffing needs at the clinic and the school.

Tim and Diane Fellows (Ethiopia)

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Praise for the progress in writing and editing of textbooks for use in Bible schools throughout Ethiopia. Pray that these and the training programs Tim is involved in will help people grow in their faith. Pray that people would not be distracted by the spectacular and prosperity gospel, but pray that they would seek to be grounded in truth and live to please God. Praise for the amazing things God is doing among the Gumuz people. Pray for church leaders as they counsel new believers and for Tim as he counsels the leaders of new churches. Pray for wisdom for Diane as she works at Hidden Abilities (for the physically challenged) during a time of transition.

Scott and Tina Lawrence (Ethiopia)

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Praise for how Scott and Tina’s lives become intertwined with others through the acts of generosity including the pledge by one organization to provide as many sight-saving glaucoma devices as their patients need, free of charge. Praise for two patients and the many they represent who, because of their serious illnesses, have needed to be seen many times, giving opportunity for their trust to grow and their relationships to deepen. Pray that as they receive physical sight they would also receive spiritual sight and receive Jesus.

Jacob and Tessa Rodriguez (Ethiopia)

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Praise for the growing vision of the church to reach out to those of another religion and for reports of many choosing to follow Christ. Praise for Jacob’s ordination as a deacon in the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Egypt and the Horn of Africa. Pray that this will connect Jacob’s ministry to their local church more closely as it blesses him for ministry and sends him out. Pray for safety in travel as he and co-workers go to the countryside to train local churches and believers. Pray for the 50 believers who are gathered during November for one of four months of biblical instruction and training in evangelism, church planting, and discipleship.

Caroline Douglas (Ethiopia)

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Praise for the visit of her parents and several people from the US in October, which helped Caroline at a time when she was struggling with homesickness. Praise also that she has completed her first term (half of a semester) teaching at Bingham Academy. Pray for the staff at the school where many teachers have been getting sick. Pray for a return to health for all who have been sick, and energy for the ones who are taking on extra loads, since there are no designated substitutes, which leaves them will less time to for their lesson plans and preparation.

Jon & Kristi Nykamp (Ethiopia)

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Praise for the six-week intensive Bible training the Nykamps are helping provide at Mekelle seminary for clergy who have had little study of the Bible. Pray for these leaders as they return to their churches with a new passion as well as biblical comprehension. Pray also for funds for the Mekelle Youth Center Project so that the 1000+ kids coming weekly might continue to experience educational, social, recreational and spiritual opportunities. Pray that two qualified people or couples with a passion for youth and discipleship will join the HIV/Health and Computer Project team.