Ruth Is a Beacon for Jesus in Beirut School

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By Tim Allan, SIM UK Bombs and violence are a daily reality for some people in the Middle East but by no means all. Ruth has lived just outside Beirut for the last six years and works as a physics teacher at a long-established evangelical school in Lebanon. It has more than 1,600 pupils, aged from three to 18, and more than 270 staff, including teachers, therapists, administrators, and cleaners. It sits on a large hill overlooking the Lebanon mountain range, while the vast array of Beirut skyscrapers and the glistening Mediterranean Sea lie behind. It’s hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for a school which is a beacon for the gospel in a country of many different faiths. Ruth, who teaches in the secondary school, says: “The school was set up in 1860 and is openly Christian. Every child who comes here is taught the Bible and goes … Read More

The Difference Mk Schooling Makes for an Ethiopian Family

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We are from Ethiopia, a developing country, serving in South Asia. Since arriving in 2013, we have been facing challenges. In the beginning, our children joined one local school, in the second year another school and then again in the third year another school. The main reason is the gap between our cultural background and that of the community we have been serving here. Finally, by God’s grace, we reached an international Christian school established for the children of missionaries. When we arrived at this school, our kids have been thrilled. Their academic performance has amazingly come up to an unexpected level. As a family, we have also found rest, which means we haven’t seen any of things which we had faced in the previous schools. And we can also continue our ministry of training rural pastors knowing our kids are going to be ok here. So I would like to … Read More

Transplanted Teacher

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Mission Together As I read the email, the depth of my incredulity increased with every line. The reason for my disbelief was a request that I pray about the possibility of leaving Carachipampa Christian School (CCS) in Bolivia for a year to help out at Sahel Academy, SIM’s school in Niger, West Africa. It was only eight months since I had returned to Bolivia from home assignment in the UK and the prospect of having to pack up my belongings yet again was not an inviting one. I first arrived at CCS as a Science teacher in 1991, became headteacher in 1997 and Bolivia has become my home. I produced a long list of sensible and perfectly valid reasons why I could not possibly leave Cochabamba to go to an unknown school in a totally alien culture. Despite this, I felt it only right to pray about the request, only … Read More

University Student Outreach: a Campus Tour

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By Violet Chiang I thought I was done with that life – those days in university that included late nights writing papers, a caffeine addiction that enabled the aforementioned late nights as well as 8 am lectures. Not to mention sharing a bathroom with three other girls and dining hall food. But here I am, back on campus. This time, I’m at a university in China to learn more about the cross-cultural work SIM is doing on campuses and what it means to live life with students. The Classroom Surviving your morning lecture Thomas and I are late for his 8 am lecture (my fault, of course). All of his students are already there, seated and ready, notebooks laid out and pens plucked out of pencil cases. Travel mugs of hot tea line the long desks, some with tea leaves still suspended in them. Thomas is a SIM cross-cultural worker … Read More

Open Doors: Affordable Education Where It Is Scarce in South Asia

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By: John Stuart Since its humble beginnings more than four decades ago in this South Asian city, Allied Model School (AMS) has been about opportunity. What started from the vision of a local believer has transformed into a community where students and teachers receive education and training that is truly bettering lives. Under the management of SIM since 2003, about 600 students and staff are currently part of the AMS family. There are few options for a good education in this part of South Asia; many lower-income families spend nearly all their income on their children’s studies. AMS was established to provide an affordable Christian education in these communities. It’s a place where students, regardless of their religious background, benefit from a solid education in a safe environment. For students from a Christian background, the school has tremendous spiritual influence, as these students receive practical Bible teaching. This education is … Read More

Praying for Teachers

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In February we asked you to join us in praying for more teachers in the mission field. God has been answering those prayers! We’re delighted to report that as we prayed, He provided 12 new and continuing teachers for the 2016-2017 school year, and we are hearing from even more teachers interested in serving. Praise the Lord! One of those answers to prayer is Ann Berry, a teacher who became interested in mission work after reading an SIM newsletter much like this one.  Ann is a teacher at the Galmi Day School in Niger. While we were praying, she was praying too—asking God if she should extend her term for another year. She said, “If Jesus wants me to come back, He’s going to have to show me by providing the finances.” God brought in enough support to convince her to stay—but not all she needed. That came only after … Read More


  Missions & Teaching? Get Involved Since 1893, SIM has focused on reaching those who have never heard the name of Jesus. What better way to do that than through sharing Jesus with children?By serving as a teacher or administrator with SIM, you reach people at an age where many of them, statistically speaking, will come to know the Lord. Some of the students at our schools come from homes where they might never otherwise hear the gospel. Others are the children of missionaries, and your support of their ministry makes it possible for them to have a long-term impact among the unreached. Has God given you a heart for children and a desire to use your gifts on the mission field? If so, we would be honored to help you discern if SIM would be a good fit. We have opportunities to serve in international schools, home-based learning, ESL teaching, … Read More