Dustan & Becka King (Ecuador)

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Praise for the heart and ministry that God has given the entire King family in Loja, Ecuador. Pray that they can return to Loja in June and continue their work in evangelism, discipleship of Christian youth, and in strengthening the local church. Pray that God would provide for their over $2,000 monthly support shortage through current supporters to increase their giving and/or new ones to join their team. Pray for Loja, as less than 2% of the people there know that they can turn to Jesus for their salvation.

Jensine Frenz (Ecuador)

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Praise that the school year is going well, and the second quarter is drawing to a close. Pray for continued provision for the school, including sufficient teachers and space for all the MKs who would like to attend. Pray also for Jensine as she teaches English to those desiring it for ministry purposes. Praise for a proposal of marriage she has received from an Ecuadorian who has been working with a church for several years. She writes, “…we would really appreciate prayers for wisdom and direction as we begin this exciting journey together.”

Michael & Kelly Reeves (Ecuador)

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Praise that the Reeves have been able to complete their first term of missionary service in Loja, joining SIM teammates in ministering to young adults in the area. Praise for their opportunity to represent Jesus as they delivered disaster relief to coastal towns after the April 2016 earthquake. Pray for them as they continue to share the compassion of Christ through Trauma Healing groups in two locations, and for new groups with local facilitators that are now beginning. Pray also for the Reeves’ finances, since they are only at around 60% of their full monthly support needed to return and serve in Ecuador.

Marco and Francesca Barbee (Ecuador)

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Praise for the quick adjustment the Barbee family is making to Ecuador as they feel more settled and have grown in their ability to navigate the city. Praise that the children are starting to speak Spanish, not just understand it.  Pray for continued adjustment and Marco’s ability to learn Spanish as he takes on more instructional hours. Pray for favor as they work to complete their long-term visa application.  Pray for upcoming visits to two rural communities as they research business ideas to help people economically and open doors for the gospel.

Murray and Sheryl Greenwood (Ecuador)

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Praise for the privilege Murray has to invest in the lives of men in the young adults’ Sunday school class, the church men’s ministry, and in the Alpha to Omega discipleship drama group when they participate along with his men’s “accountability group” in outreach. Praise especially for the recent men’s retreat where Murray spoke and had the opportunity to engage in many spiritually-significant conversations. Pray that these men who have accepted Christ will become genuine disciples of Him and have a multiplied impact on the lives of others around them.

Jose & Janeen Gutierrez (Ecuador)

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Praise for the encouragement Janeen feels as she sees her neighborhood kids’ club going well with a consistent core group of children coming and asking if they can invite others as well. Pray that God’s Word will take root in the children’s hearts and that there will be opportunities to get to know their parents as well. Pray for Jose as he deals with a difficult situation regarding a former employee of the Words of Hope bookstore. Pray for the truth to be evident to all, for the name of the Lord to be glorified, and for repentance on the part of the person who had to be let go. Pray for encouragement for Jose and Janeen in the middle of this difficult time.

Marco & Francesca Barbee (Ecuador)

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Praise for the safe arrival of the Barbee family in Ecuador, the opportunity to sublet a home from a family currently in the US, and a good transition for their children to school. Pray that they can obtain the last piece of documentation that they need for their visas. Pray also for creativity and wisdom as they visit rural communities and explore how and where they can launch a business. Pray also for discernment as they seek a church to become a part of, and for confidence for Marco as he begins language learning and seeks to speak Spanish daily.

Mark & Ruth Lans (Ecuador)

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Praise that the Bible study in El Cisne is being held consistently and that one man who left has returned to it. Praise also for the start of a new ladies’ Bible study and English class that Ruth is leading. Pray that those who attend will have open hearts and minds and respond to the Word. Pray for safety on the roads, since the rainy season has begun bringing fog and poor driving conditions. Pray for the pastor of their church as he faithfully ministers in Catamayo. Pray also that a correct part for their vehicle can be found and shipped to them soon, as several have not worked.

Justin & Codee Delagrange (Ecuador)

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Praise that the involved process of procuring family visas for the Delagranges is nearing completion. Pray that they will receive their finalized ones this Friday. Pray for a friend of Justin who has lost his job and been unable to find legitimate work opportunities.  Pray also for a friend of Codee’s who is in financial trouble and facing a divorce. Pray that these events will bring them and their families into a deeper realization of their need for a Savior.