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After Liberia Declared ‘Ebola-free,’ New Cases Reported

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 2, 2015FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Palmer Holt @ (704) 662-2569 pholt@inchristcommunications.com After Liberia Declared ‘Ebola-free,’ New Cases ReportedPatient Treated at SIM’s ELWA Ebola Care Center in Monrovia; Organization Prepares 
for Possibility of More as One-Year Anniversary of Infected Americans ApproachesCHARLOTTE, N.C. – After 45 days of no new Ebola cases, Liberian health officials had declared the country Ebola-free in May. Now there are a number of new Ebola cases reported in that country, one of whom is being treated in the Ebola Treatment Center at SIM’s ELWA campus in Monrovia.The first case involved a 17-year-old boy, who has since died, according to the Liberian Ministry of Health. The second was transported to ELWA, according John Fankhauser, MD, family physician and SIM’s director of medical missions in Liberia.The two victims were in the same contact chain. The ministry has isolated the community where the patient stayed, providing food … Read More

Construction Resumes on Hospital in Liberia

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Written by: Samaritan’s Purse May 13th, 2015 With the deadly Ebola virus finally declining in Liberia, Samaritan’s Purse is resuming construction of a much-needed hospital near Monrovia. A recommencement ceremony of the Samaritan’s Purse Liberia hospital project in partnership with ELWA Hospital and SIM took place at the construction site on April 15. The program opened with a prayer, and then Gentry Taylor, a leadership team member from the Samaritan’s Purse office in Liberia, gave an overview of the project. As cases of Ebola dwindle in Liberia, Samaritan’s Purse gears up for recovery Bev Kauffeldt addressed the guests gathered at the hospital, including Liberia Vice President Joseph Boakai. Kauffeldt has worked in Liberia for 11 years with her husband, Kendell, the Samaritan’s Purse country director, and was appointed to the Ebola task force at the beginning of the outbreak. “[It’s] a hospital that will serve Liberians, and a place for health … Read More

Dr. Sacra Returns from Liberia: A Blog Post

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Monday morning, February 9, was my last morning at the hospital—in just a few hours I would be headed for the airport. We held an appreciation program with breakfast for all the ELWA Hospital staff after our morning chapel gathering, to recognize those who had served so courageously during the worst of the Ebola crisis. Along with Dr. Brown, our Medical Director, I was asked to say a few words. As I spoke, thanking our nurses, midwives, aides, and cleaners for coming to work during the toughest times in August, September, and October, my mind went back to a meeting with health care planners from an international NGO. They wanted to know: “What allowed ELWA to remain open when other hospitals closed?”