Sunday & Grace Bwanhot (USA/Culture ConneXions)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the Bwanhots’ opportunities to serve in Chicago, and pray that the Lord will use them and others in the city to turn back the tide of violence happening there and lead many to Christ. Pray for a breakthrough as their church ministers in one rough area, and that God will bring key individuals to help pave the way in the African American and Hispanic communities. Pray also that God will continue to use them to bring healing to couples where relationships have been broken.

Ginny Feldmann (USA Culture ConneXions)

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Praise that now after six weeks from the time of her shoulder surgery her recovery is going well and almost all of the cost has been covered. Pray for her as she is beginning to pick up ministry opportunities again with Asian friends, prayer groups and SIM meetings. Pray concerning the possibility of a new SIM couple moving to Elgin for two years and Ginny helping them learn about South Asia in preparation for their service there. Pray also for her to grow in her love for the Lord and others during this season of life.

Loren and Susu Knox (Culture ConneXions)

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Praise for the past 23 years they have been praying for and with those of another religion, and that in times of need the Lord has often manifested his love and truth to them. Pray that members of this religious community worldwide would sense the love of Jesus through His followers and open their hearts to Him in their devastation and pain. Pray for two sisters in their area to submit to Christ’s Lordship, and for a young nursing student who is facing a setback and disappointment. Pray also for Susu in her final checking of the Gospel of John in Sudanese Colloquial Arabic in preparation for printing.