Don & Cheryl (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for confirmation in their hearts that Don and Cheryl are to return to ministry in Asia following a two-year medical break. Pray as they seek wisdom to settle some matters in the US and also raise more support before they can leave. Pray that the government will approve SIM development program applications that have been submitted, since acquiring visas for SIM expatriate staff depends on this approval. Praise that housing is available there for them. Pray for Cheryl as she becomes involved with English Teaching while Don supports Indigenous Outreach Workers evangelists and disciplers in five districts throughout the country.

Rich & Susan Bae (Asia/USA)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the Lord’s faithfulness during a time of transition as the Baes have left their ministry in Asia and await His direction for further ministry. Pray with them that God will use their Asian background, medical and theological training, and field experience to help improve on existing systems of placing, discipling, and caring for missionaries, including medical missionaries. Pray for them as they reconnect with their supporters and raise more support that they currently need.

Roger & Hiroko (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for Roger’s recent opportunity to speak at an annual Teen Adventure Camp for missionary kids in the Himalayas. Pray for Hiroko as she manages the aftercare home and seeks to hire two more caregivers plus temporary replacements for their counselor and administrator while they take a six-month maternity leave. Pray that the home’s license can be renewed in light of new and stricter laws. Pray also that they can purchase the ideal site they have found on which to build a new facility. Pray for a refreshing time as they visit the US for three short weeks, mainly for rest and restoration.

Jon & Jan (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for four university girls baptized together a year ago and for a fifth who now desires baptism. Pray for a school child who was growing in her faith, but now is fading due to abuse at home. Praise for the recent SIM annual missionary conference, and pray for renewed strength, peace and joy for those experiencing anxiety or depression as they face stress and discouragement. Pray for an Asian visitor spending a few weeks there seeking guidance regarding possible future service. Pray also for protection from extremists and for meaningful interactions with neighbors during the month of fasting, and that many will encounter Christ.

Ben & Ashley (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Pray for the family as they travel to the US during the month of June in order to switch over to business visas. Pray that this will happen without complications. Pray that they will be able to connect with supporters and be encouraged while here. Praise that renovations to the business shop are about halfway completed, and pray for them to be finished soon. Pray also for ongoing language study, and pray that many will have an opportunity to hear the gospel who have never seen or heard of Jesus’ love.

Open Doors: Affordable Education Where It Is Scarce in South Asia

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By: John Stuart Since its humble beginnings more than four decades ago in this South Asian city, Allied Model School (AMS) has been about opportunity. What started from the vision of a local believer has transformed into a community where students and teachers receive education and training that is truly bettering lives. Under the management of SIM since 2003, about 600 students and staff are currently part of the AMS family. There are few options for a good education in this part of South Asia; many lower-income families spend nearly all their income on their children’s studies. AMS was established to provide an affordable Christian education in these communities. It’s a place where students, regardless of their religious background, benefit from a solid education in a safe environment. For students from a Christian background, the school has tremendous spiritual influence, as these students receive practical Bible teaching. This education is … Read More

Josh & Sarah (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the Lord’s call for Josh as a family medicine doctor and Sarah as a speech pathologist to seek to bring a fullness of life and dignity to disabled people through integrated care. Praise that they have been accepted for support through Medsend, which provides grants to pay medical school loan debts for missionaries. Praise also that their tickets have been purchased to leave the US on June 15. Pray for strength for them in their last push to complete required SIM training and raise the remaining 10% of their monthly financial support needs before their departure.

Phillip & Stacie (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that relationships are beginning to be formed with people in their city, and pray that they will continue to develop. Praise also that there is health and unity on the team. Pray for continued progress in language learning, so necessary in order to have deep conversations with individuals. Pray for wisdom in reaching people with the gospel in this largely unreached people group. Praise that a visa for their daughter has been granted and she was offered a scholarship at the university where she plans to study the language.

Karin (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that the day before departing for another two-year term, within a few hours of a simple prayer, she had another new ministry partner and full funding! Praise for a smooth flight and receipt of her one-year resident permit. Praise also that her class learning the T. language is going well and she has found a young T. college student for a tutor. Pray that she learns the language rapidly, and for opportunity to explain the gospel to this student. Pray for a friend who professes faith, but doesn’t fully understand, and for wisdom in discipling another friend. Pray for courage and wisdom in all her relationships.