Becky (Asia)

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Praise for the special relationship God has given Becky that is progressing towards marriage. Pray for the Lord’s leading in their decision making and for her time in the US beginning in March to share about her first term and all God is doing in and through her. Praise for Becky’s progress in learning the national language. Pray for her as she prepares to take the highest national language level exam offered. Praise for Becky’s commitment to continue translation work with her chosen ethnic people group, and pray that soon she will be able to focus her time on that.

Karin (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the opportunities Karin has to relate to her friends and tutor. Praise that she has been able to give a Bible to some, see others starting to attend a local fellowship, and see one woman give her heart to Christ and begin to thrive. Pray for the salvation of those with whom she has relationships – one of whom has noted recently that “Christians always help others.” Pray for Karin as she and six others take a vision trip to a nearby Asian country, November 23-December 8. Pray for divine appointments as they seek to connect with Christians and others.

Dave & Jenny (Asia)

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Praise for an overall smooth transition back to their place of ministry, hospital work, and homeschooling now for some four months. Pray for a short to mid-term volunteer to help with homeschooling. Praise for a good time hosting two interns for two months during the summer. Pray for the hospital staff and patients, since in the humid monsoon season, patient visits have surged from the normal of 200-250 per day to 300-350. Pray as well for a decision and all the logistics as Dave and Jenny consider moving to a different hospital in the western part of the country after a year.  

Josh & Bethany (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for the wise counsel from Josh and Bethany’s caring community that has confirmed that God is asking them to delay their return to Asia for a time. Pray for refreshing and emotional healing from the difficulty of living overseas, as well as a fresh vision for ministry there. Pray that they would actively wait, rest in God’s timing and continue to hear God speaking joy over them. Pray also for teammates who are impacted by this decision to delay their return, and for Bethany as she helps with Personnel work for the field from the US.

Roger & Hiroko (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for Hiroko’s recovery from her recent illness, and pray for her to regain her strength. Pray for Roger attending the thrice-yearly field Leadership Council meetings today and tomorrow. Pray they will see God’s plans for the year ahead. Pray also for pressures on the aftercare home ministry, including one girl’s serious illness, attempts to thwart another girl’s court testimony, license renewal for the home, and a quarrelsome neighbor next to their recently-purchased land site causing problems. Pray for wisdom, grace and favor with authorities in dealing with these problems. Pray also for harmony among the team of women working at the aftercare home under much pressure.

Josh & Sarah (Asia)

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Praise that after returning to a mission hospital some two months ago, Josh and Sarah are now fully involved in the care of the acutely ill and in the rehabilitation of those who have suffered neurological injuries and diseases. Pray for hospital staff who are extremely busy with infectious diseases that occur during the monsoon season. Pray for people greatly in need of care but who face great difficulty in reaching the hospital. Praise for the hiring of three new physiotherapists, and pray for a replacement occupational therapist soon. Pray for Josh’s need for renewal of his medical license, and as their children begin school.

Andrew & Jen (Asia)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise for recent safe arrival in their city and that they have found a large apartment with natural light in a complex with many locals, and plan to move in after a few repairs. Pray that they can find tutors to begin learning the local language, and for willingness to practice language outside of the home, in spite of making mistakes. Pray for Andrew as he begins university classes soon. Praise that their son will be able to begin kindergarten in the nearby international school in late August, and pray for room for him on the bus. Pray for friendships with both locals and foreigners. Pray also that they will be able to reach their full support goal.

John & Justine (Asia)

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Praise for the past eight weeks travel, meeting with relatives and new friends and inviting many to join them on their missionary journey. Since they need to be in Asia by August 31 for the kids to start school and for beginning language school at the university, pray for them to reach the challenge of 100% of their monthly financial goal by August 1. Pray for many needed prayer partners and financial supporters. Pray also for perseverance in the six-week intensive prerequisite language study they are currently in. Pray especially for the children during this stressful transition time.

Steve & Sherree (Asia)

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Praise for the progress they are making in language study. But pray for the continuing process which is slow and difficult, with frequent setbacks, such as the time Sherree told their language teacher she was going to be cooking Steve, instead of cooking for Steve! Pray for witnessing opportunities, including sharing the gospel with their teacher, who is Hindu. Pray for safety in travel on their scooter. Pray also for Steve’s work permit application to be approved by the Labor Department soon so their visas can be extended for a full year.