Matt and Michelle (Asia)

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Praise for the valuable time Matt and his colleague had after the SIM Global Assembly in March, when they traveled to the Philippines to learn more about SIM ministries among a special people group, and see how Missional Business could play a role. Praise also that later in Indonesia they saw God’s amazing work using Business for Transformation (B4T) to reach a special people group. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity as they mentor six couples in five countries. Pray also for their plans to visit family and friends in the US this summer and communicate the way God is working in their areas of the world and ministry.

Roger and Hiroko (Asia)

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Praise that a girl who ran away from a vocational training center near their home for trafficked girls in November of 2013 called to say that she is now married, expecting her first baby and living at home in a distant village. Pray that as a professing believer, God will connect her with others who can encourage her, and for safe delivery of her baby. Pray also for the 11 girls now at the home to feel loved and valued, and find Life. Pray for Hiroko’s parents in Japan who are facing serious medical issues. Pray that through their situation they would receive Christ.  

Randy and Robin (Asia)

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Praise for encouragement and answered prayer in recent service and family challenges faced here in the US. Praise that they have been able to reschedule tickets back to the field to stay for two more weeks for family issues. Pray for some key donors to help raise $90,000 in the next four months to start a business that would put Christians in a region of 1.25 million people, where only one has believed in Jesus and many might never meet a single Christian who can speak their mother tongue. Pray also for the goal of 20 new missionaries per year for the next five years.

Karin (Asia)

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Praise for the wise decision Karin has made to continue her present language study longer, before starting to learn another language. Pray for energy and endurance for her to be able to finish this semester well. Pray for her preparation for taking the driving test before August, for which she will need a score of 90% to pass. Pray also that she can find an inexpensive flight to Canada for some rest and spiritual renewal upon completion of this semester. Pray for God’s favor as she and teammates begin the process of creating a business in another location.

Luke (Appointee/Asia)

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Praise for the opportunity Luke had recently to speak to a group of university students on the topic of “Why Missions?” Pray for a young woman with whom he had an extensive conversation afterwards about her problem with God’s fairness. Pray also for another girl from Hong Kong, who likes to fellowship with Christians, but has not yet come to Christ. Praise for three families who increased financial support recently, bringing his need now to $1300 a month. Pray for teammates in Asia who need a business license to set up an ecotourism business in a gospel-needy area to help the community by creating jobs and being a witness.  

Ashley (Appointee/Asia)

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Praise for the intercultural training Ashley was recently able to receive with many other believers heading to locations all over the world. Pray that God would continue to prepare her heart for ministry as well as the hearts of the people to whom she will minister. Pray for one young woman, who previously struggled with depression but was set free when she became a Christian, though her symptoms have recently returned, and her father wants to send her to a Buddhist monastery. Pray for her healing and for wisdom for those who are in contact with her.v

Steve and Jill (Asia)

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Praise for the opportunity Steve and Jill have had on home assignment connecting with supporters as well as family and friends and sharing what the Lord is doing in Asia. Pray that their visas to return to Asia will be granted soon, since delays in receiving them have kept them here at least one month longer than they had planned. Pray that they will be encouraged as they wait, and trust in the Lord’s perfect timing for their return to ministry.

Roger & Hiroko (Asia)

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Praise that after negotiations, the officials at the government Social Services tentatively allowed one 15-year-old girl to remain in the aftercare home for trafficking survivors after being told that she must transfer out. Pray that solid government permission will be given this month. Pray also for staff unity in a variety of changes, such as a management team instead of a single coordinator now running the home and a new administrator on the team. Pray also for God’s guidance, funds and good negotiations to enable purchase of land as a future site for the aftercare home.