Steve and Keziah (Asia)

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Praise that after Steve and Keziah moved, changed jobs and got married in three months’ time they were able to still their hearts and allow God to renew their strength while on a mini vacation in April. Praise that many of Keziah’s students want to continue meeting with them outside of class. Pray that the game nights with them at their home will allow them to deepen their friendships and share the good news. Pray for their company as it experiences growing pains.

Ben & Ashley (Asia)

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Praise that the Lord is leading Ben and Ashley to join a mission team focused on reaching a people group of more than a million in areas with no known believers. Praise for the nine days they have spent walking through the villages and cities of the region and praying. Pray for them as they spend the next year and a half restarting and growing their business. Pray also as they seek to learn the language, meet new people and make friends. Pray that the additional $3000-4000 needed for unexpected expenses will be provided.

Don & Cheryl (Asia)

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Praise for the faithful partners God has given Don and Cheryl so they can serve in Asia for 20 some years. Praise that they are no longer alone in the work because of the return of two partnering families to their city. Pray that students in the Spoken English language classes that Cheryl is teaching will come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Pray for wisdom for Don as he organizes an August tour for believers from another Asian country who are scoping out possibilities for joining in the work in their city.

Roger & Hiroko (Asia)

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Praise for the renewal and encouragement Roger and Hiroko experienced at their first care-givers retreat, which included teams from three other homes for HIV+ boys and girls and trafficking survivors. Pray as they seek a new rental site for the aftercare home in a neighborhood close to where they have purchased land for a future long-term building. Pray for funds to buy the adjacent strip of land. Pray also for a full-time counsellor and junior social worker. Praise that a girl who has lived in the aftercare home for a few years may stay until age 18, continuing the sewing apprenticeship she is in.

Dinesh & Shannon (Asia)

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Praise for the opportunity Dinesh and Shannon had to help first-generation believers make Easter their own celebration – so different from their former observations of many festivals to different gods. Praise for the Bible study being held in the village of a man Dinesh is discipling. Pray that the believers in the group will grow, that the non-believers will come to faith, and that a solid church will be planted there ultimately to be pastored by this disciple. Pray also that a senior doctor will be assigned to the hospital in their village to help relieve Dinesh who serves as a doctor there.

Becky (Asia)

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Praise for the special relationship God has given Becky that is progressing towards marriage. Pray for the Lord’s leading in their decision making and for her time in the US beginning in March to share about her first term and all God is doing in and through her. Praise for Becky’s progress in learning the national language. Pray for her as she prepares to take the highest national language level exam offered. Praise for Becky’s commitment to continue translation work with her chosen ethnic people group, and pray that soon she will be able to focus her time on that.

Karin (Asia)

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Praise for the opportunities Karin has to relate to her friends and tutor. Praise that she has been able to give a Bible to some, see others starting to attend a local fellowship, and see one woman give her heart to Christ and begin to thrive. Pray for the salvation of those with whom she has relationships – one of whom has noted recently that “Christians always help others.” Pray for Karin as she and six others take a vision trip to a nearby Asian country, November 23-December 8. Pray for divine appointments as they seek to connect with Christians and others.

Dave & Jenny (Asia)

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Praise for an overall smooth transition back to their place of ministry, hospital work, and homeschooling now for some four months. Pray for a short to mid-term volunteer to help with homeschooling. Praise for a good time hosting two interns for two months during the summer. Pray for the hospital staff and patients, since in the humid monsoon season, patient visits have surged from the normal of 200-250 per day to 300-350. Pray as well for a decision and all the logistics as Dave and Jenny consider moving to a different hospital in the western part of the country after a year.  

Josh & Bethany (Asia)

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Praise for the wise counsel from Josh and Bethany’s caring community that has confirmed that God is asking them to delay their return to Asia for a time. Pray for refreshing and emotional healing from the difficulty of living overseas, as well as a fresh vision for ministry there. Pray that they would actively wait, rest in God’s timing and continue to hear God speaking joy over them. Pray also for teammates who are impacted by this decision to delay their return, and for Bethany as she helps with Personnel work for the field from the US.