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Keeping The Light In The Midst Of The Storm

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Pastor Moses G. Paye (pictured right), is the acting president of the Evangelical Church of Liberia  (ECOL), He has written to SIM to elevate the need for prayer and financial support as he and his disciples respond to the repercussions of the Ebola crisis. The Evangelical Church of Liberia has experienced loss due to Ebola; there were 22 infections, 10 deaths, and five quarantined families by mid-November. Also, many ECOL members have lost family members.  One woman is grieving the loss of 15 family members to the virus. By the grace of God, the Ebola infection and death rates in Liberia are slowing down. However, Liberians and health care officials remain cautious, as the virus is still found in the neighboring countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone. ECOL members see opportunity in the midst of difficulty; trusting in God, they continue to minister despite limited resources.  Church leaders are serving their … Read More