The Power of Forgiveness

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Trauma Healing Program

In Nigeria, Trauma Healing workshops reconcile enemies

At SIM’s Trauma Healing workshops, attendees are encouraged to face their own sins as well as those committed against them. At one recent workshop, a man came forward sobbing with remorse. “I need to confess that I killed Muslims in 2001,” he said.

Christians in Nigeria have suffered horribly at the hands of Boko Haram, the Muslim terrorist group. But sometimes Christians respond with violence too. “I can’t get the memories out of my mind,” this man sobbed. “I know that it was wrong and I need God’s forgiveness!” The workshop directors, Bill and Lorraine Foute, invited the other attendees to come and pray with him.

What happened next stunned everyone. The first person to rise and pray for this man was a Muslim woman whose husband and father had been killed during religious fighting—in 2001.

She might well have been facing the very person who killed her family members. But she prayed for him. And an amazing reconciliation followed. The guilt-ridden man was freed and restored by the power of forgiveness. And the Muslim woman found relief from her own emotional wounds. She eventually became a Christian believer.

Dramatic transformations like this are taking place in Trauma Healing workshops across Africa, Asia, and South America—wherever people suffer the aftermath of war, famine, disease, or natural disaster.

Thank you for your generous support for ministry to continue in conflict-ridden areas of Nigeria. Because of your giving, you have helped bold Nigerian Christians continue working and living in these difficult areas and focus on reaching out to their Muslim neighbors who need to know Jesus Christ.

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