“It’s like a mini personal Bible school”

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Three pastors with book sets…

Pastors’ Book Sets are meeting a global need for Christian training resources

New Christians need sound teaching to mature in their faith. This is especially true in Africa, Asia, and South America where false belief systems abound. But the church leaders in these areas often lack adequate training themselves. They can’t go to seminary or even visit a local Christian bookstore for resources. They need our help.

Your support is helping to meet this need by providing Pastors’ Book Sets (PBS) for the leaders—who can then pass on what they learn to their church members. These resources provide basic doctrinal instruction, practical guidance, and tools for effective ministry. Leaders attend conferences where they receive the book sets along with in-person training. At eight recent conferences in Namibia, 1400 pastors were equipped with book sets. And they’re experiencing great results.

Here’s part of an email the PBS project manager received from a church leader in Namibia:

Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would like to testify that I’ve been personally blessed and feel much more equipped and mature in my spiritual journey through the PBS resources. As a children’s and youth minister I found it very helpful in my preparation for teachings and personal Bible study. The fun part of it for me, is that it feels like being in some sort of mini personal Bible school where you discover and learn new things in terms of the historical backgrounds of the passage, the context and the geographical layout. But the greatest testimony for me is the repentant souls that have come to Christ through the gospel—and the helping tools of PBS resources. For that, I would like to thank your entire team for the effort and sacrifices you are making to equip and build the body of Christ.

Bless you!

Powerful testimonies like this make our efforts worthwhile. And of course, it’s all possible because of your generous support. Thank you!

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