From Shame to Triumph: DANJA FISTULA CENTER brings hope to afflicted women

SIM USASIM Global June 2017

Salome* was proud to be the first member of her family to attend school. She excelled in her studies and was recognized as the top student in her school. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, but a terrible incident shattered her plans.

In Salome’s culture, female circumcision is a common practice. She was subjected to this procedure when she returned to visit her grandmother’s village. But it went wrong, and Salome was left incontinent. She was too ashamed to return to school and found herself “crying from day to night.”

Salome sought relief for months with no success. Her dreams of continuing her education seemed lost. Then she found the Danja Fistula Center and received reconstruction surgery. Her treatment was successful. “I am so very happy,” she says now. Best of all, she’s looking forward to resuming her studies. Someday she may return to the fistula center as a physician rather than a patient.

The Danja Fistula Center in Niger treats many patients like Salome—women who suffer shame and incontinence after childbirth injuries and other problems. The center also offers training in literacy and useful trades, so the recovering women can re-enter society with dignity and purpose.

Thanks to your support, the center has already performed a little over 1,000 successful surgeries and shared the gospel with hundreds of patients. But hundreds of new cases arise each year in Niger. This ministry is relying on God to provide for this ongoing need through generous donors like you.

*Name changed for privacy

Pray that God will: 

  • Continue to give the center staff opportunities to share the gospel with patients
  • Give strength to new believers as they return to their communities
  • Provide needed funds for the center to continue its ministry
  • Provide a surgeon for the Danja Fistula Center