A New Livelihood—and a New Life

SIM USASIM Global June 2017

SALAM Training Center shares practical skills along with the Word of God

Since 1980, SALAM (Salt and Light as Mechanics) Training Center has been providing people in South Asia with the practical skills to make a good living. The students also receive moral and spiritual training, participating in daily devotionals before beginning their workday. “Many students have received the gospel through this ministry,” says Rohan, the center’s director. “Many of the former students are mature servant leaders of Christian communities.”

Sharing the Blessing—and Giving Back

Saiful* came to the SALAM Training Center (STC) in 2008 with hopes of becoming an electrician. Until then he had known only poverty. But at STC he received a valuable skill—and spiritual training as well. Saiful became a believer in Jesus Christ and he soon found a job that enabled him to use his newfound skills.

After a few years, Saiful heard that STC needed someone to train new students as electricians. So he returned to the place that provided his first opportunity. Now Saiful is teaching other young men like himself and passing the blessing on.

“I received Christ as my Savior through SALAM Training Center.”

Coming from a poor family, Sha-Alam* had few prospects for a better life. Even a basic education was beyond his reach. Then a relative told him about SALAM Training Center. “He told me if I come to STC to take training then my future life will be bright,” he recalls. Sha-Alam began training in December 2015.

“When I was admitted I had very little concept of a spiritual life,” Sha-Alam says. “Now, since I have completed the course I have gained the benefit of technical training and understand what a relationship with God is about. STC has changed my life. I received Christ as my savior through STC in July 2016.”

*Not his real name

Pray for:

  • God’s blessing on young students like Sha-Alam
  • Strength and guidance for students who’ve completed training and are now entering internships
  • Success for the new students entering the program
  • More funding to keep the program going