Your love can breathe life back into a broken soul

Shalu* was rescued from the physical and sexual abuse she endured from an employer who promised her a better future. But not before she had turned into a hollowed out shell of a child—frightened, broken, and lost.

Because of your generous support, when Shalu arrived at our home for victims of sexual abuse and trafficking she found a safe haven—a refuge from predators. But sadly, she will not be the last who needs shelter, a respectful and loving environment, and life-skills training.

Right now we need $105,000 to serve twice as many girls in desperate need of protection and restoration. Your gift right now will help provide counseling to wounded girls needing spiritual and emotional healing, and you will make it possible for them to come to know the love of Jesus and his power to save them—giving them beauty instead of ashes, happiness instead of grief, and peace in exchange for the fear they have been so accustomed to.

Shalu is a different girl today thanks to supporters like you. She has hope, joy, and she is brimming with potential. Local authorities have seen such a dramatic difference in the girls living in our homes that they have asked us to find a way to care for more girls! But we cannot double our capacity to help even more girls in need without your help.

Please, prayerfully consider what you can give today to help us serve twice as many girls desperate to escape the evil clutches of the human trafficking industry.

Yes! I want to help twice as many girls escape the nightmares of exploitation and sexual abuse . . . giving them a safe shelter to find hope, peace, and God’s love.

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