Andy & Bev Warren (Ethiopia)

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Praise that a regulation that Ethiopia had implemented preventing the licensing of any foreign specialist physician who was coming to work on short-term teams has been removed through the work of Andy and a partner. As a result, pray for medical teams coming to care for people in communities that are overlooked and uncared for. Andy writes, “We see more people come to Christ and join the church through teams than from any other single activity.”

Nathan & Hannah Peterson (Appointees/Cameroon)

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Praise that the Petersons have approval to apply for visas to Cameroon for service at Mbingo Baptist Hospital beginning in November. Pray for resolution of the serious political conflict in Cameroon that has made their plans uncertain. Pray for protection for people, buildings and equipment at the hospital. Pray for them as they travel to Vietnam with a university group for medical work and attend several training sessions this summer. Pray that God meets their support need.

Bob & Cheryl Fox (Niger)

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Praise that the Foxes have completed their first full year serving at Sahel Academy. Pray for the eleven recent graduates as they adjust to college abroad. Pray for Bob and Cheryl as they prepare for next year’s classes and that the Lord will fill open positions. Praise for the Foxes’ faithful prayer and financial supporters, and pray for additional support to cover increased costs. Pray also for opportunities to share Christ with unbelievers whose hearts have been softened.

Ken & Phyllis Lloyd (USA Retirees)

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Praise that the Lloyds’ lives were spared on April 11 in a serious unavoidable vehicle accident and that Phyllis’ extensive injuries have been healing. Pray for continued physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for them both. Praise that they have been able to resume regular leadership skyping sessions with a young SIM couple in Benin. Pray for the Lord’s guidance regarding planned travel to Charlotte in July to mentor appointees at SIMGo and SIMSendoff.

Missy Sandberg (Zambia)

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Praise for the connections Missy is making with her supporters and friends while on home assignment. Pray for her as she joins a team from her church in Minnesota to travel to Haiti July 12-24, where she will conduct six medical clinics while other members of the team partner with a local church in many activities. Pray also for the medical personnel at Mukinge Hospital in Zambia, which continues to be short staffed. Pray especially for the need for an anesthetist and doctors during the next six-to-nine months.

Linda Crouch (SIM USA/Nigeria)

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Pray for Linda as she processes the killing of the well-loved janitor at Kent Academy, leaving behind five children and a pregnant wife. Pray for his extended family and for Linda and others to know how to come alongside to comfort, support and empower his wife. Pray also for her as she plans a trip there in September/October to support KA staff and the ministry to widows at the Miango widows’ center. She writes, “I want to act on Galatians 6:2 to “help bear each other’s burdens.”

Service workers who care for missionaries and retirees, or provide facilities, equipment, and technology support

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Asha came to love Jesus because Carol helped medical workers fly to her village to treat her sick child. The theme of this edition of By Prayer is about the people behind the scenes that help this kind of story become a reality. Those who make sure medicine is on hand, keep planes ready, maintain computers, acquire supplies and keep equipment in good working order are all essential. Others recruit and train new workers and care for staff and retirees. Carol and others working in cross-cultural ministries are thankful for the support that keeps them on the field reaching people like Asha with the love of Jesus. Thank you for helping provide this support by prayer.
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Tom & Heidi Jessurun (Nigeria)

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Praise for a renewed focus to reach the lost in northern Nigeria from the new ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All) president. Pray for a large group of short-termers being taken to the north for a vision trip and village medical outreach June 27-July 1. Pray that some will become long-term missionaries. Pray for stamina for both Tom and Heidi as they handle many issues in the office and are perpetually short-staffed.

Ron & Diane Gullman (Ethiopia)

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Praise for “KIDStory” – a ministry impacting millions of children around the world and one million children across East Africa by sharing fun and interactive Bible stories and releasing God’s transforming hope in STORY Clubs. Praise for a recent KIDStory training event held in Kenya with 27 people from five different countries (eight from SIM Ethiopia). Pray for them as they start STORY Clubs in their home settings.  Pray that many children will be brought to Christ and discipled in Him through this biblically-accurate storytelling method.