The Difference Mk Schooling Makes for an Ethiopian Family

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We are from Ethiopia, a developing country, serving in South Asia. Since arriving in 2013, we have been facing challenges. In the beginning, our children joined one local school, in the second year another school and then again in the third year another school. The main reason is the gap between our cultural background and that of the community we have been serving here.

Finally, by God’s grace, we reached an international Christian school established for the children of missionaries. When we arrived at this school, our kids have been thrilled. Their academic performance has amazingly come up to an unexpected level. As a family, we have also found rest, which means we haven’t seen any of things which we had faced in the previous schools. And we can also continue our ministry of training rural pastors knowing our kids are going to be ok here.

So I would like to say I’m very thankful for those in the international community worldwide who have been happy to support our kids by coming to teach and in the broad sense, us as a family. Our prayers are that God may abundantly bless those who have a soft heart for kids who come from developing countries to serve the Lord in the areas that are difficult and different.

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