I Loved Growing Up as a Missionary Kid

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I loved growing up in Nigeria as a SIM Missionary Kid.   My parents prepared me well for going to
boarding school at Kent Academy.  Though I now know it was heart-breaking for them to send me away to school, they knew I would thrive with other children my age.  They knew I’d have opportunities they couldn’t offer me.  They trusted the care and caliber of teachers and dorm parents.  They intentionally connected with me through weekly letters, care packages, and occasional 1 on 1 visits at the neighboring catering guesthouse.  They invested time during summers and holiday times to involve me in their ministries.  They sacrificed to buy a piano for me.  They modeled a contagious, loving enthusiasm for their varied ministries, and I caught it!  They took time for picnics, visiting ‘historical’ places and teaching me manners, history and a fierce loyalty and pride in the USA even though we lived overseas.  Besides their work in the business department and in the choirs at our church in Kano, they took me with them in evangelistic outreaches on the weekends.  They instilled an excitement in me for coming to KA and reviewed some of the blessings and hard things I would be experiencing.  I knew my parents loved me!  I knew they loved God and they loved Nigerians.  I didn’t ever feel I had to compete for their loving attention.  They gave it freely while carrying me along on the wave of their own commitment to God!

Linda in Nigeria

I will always be grateful for godly dorm parents and teachers who instilled Biblical principles in me and who gave me the opportunity to be a well-rounded girl.  I had teachers who read good books to us a half-hour a day.  I had teachers who held me to high musical standards and challenged me in many areas.  Because of THEIR investment in me, I wanted to return and teach kids too!  God gave me the desire of my heart in leading me back to Kent Academy and giving me joy in teaching and mentoring there for 37 years.  I can’t think of a better way to invest my life!

I love to teach kids…

Affirming where they’re at but seeing where, with their giftings and personality, God could take them.

Helping them learn skills and habits that will enrich their lives,

Raising their eyes above themselves to God and seeing how He wired them to serve Him in unique ways

Opening their eyes and hearts to learning – making learning and exploring fun and fulfilling

I love to teach adults…

Providing on-going training to keep them sharp and growing as teachers and kid-nourishers

Instilling in them that they have the privilege of shaping the future

Giving freedom to develop and exercise their own gifts

Teaching them to hunger for excellence

“How Can I Help?”

1. Pray that the Lord would continue to work on the hearts of those who are considering teaching as missions.

2. Give, because your generosity will help a teacher stay on the field and/or help a new teacher go.


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