Weakness for God’s Glory

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The outpatient waiting room is overflowing with people suffering from the entire gamut of physical issues. The medical personnel work until they can work no longer, but the incredible need just continues to walk, or be carried, through the door. Doctors sit in the small examination room and look into the eyes of those suffering with infertility, ear infections, arthritis, broken bones, tropical diseases like typhoid and malaria, high blood pressure and diabetes. Babies are delivered, general surgeries are performed and lives are pieced back together. Patients are freely prayed for and each person is treated with respect as a person created in God’s image. And still they flood the doors of KCH, a rural hospital in the heartland of North India, looking for hope and healing.

After thousands of dollars spent on Nurse Practitioner school, thousands of hours logged with patients and years preparing for her life’s work, Chloe’s heart was captured by the overwhelming need in rural areas of Northern India where life and death hinge on access to good medical care.

These days Chloe joins the doctors in the crowded examination room at KCH, extending her medical advice and access to the Great Physician. The hot season is now in full swing, and many patients arrive with poisonous snake bites having been bitten by a cobra or viper. Chloe has witnessed the miraculous recovery of snake bite victims if they make it to the hospital soon enough to receive the anti-venom and be admitted for care. She has also, in a single week, held the hands of the families of a 3 year old, a 10 year old and a 30 year old that had come too late. Rather than coming to straight to the hospital, family members had tried various village doctors. They had brought their loved ones in already dead.

It’s when the waiting room clears for a moment and Chloe can intentionally slow, bend low and listen to the hearts of the broken ones that she feels most alive in what she is doing. When the halls are quiet, you will find Chloe sitting with a new mom teaching her how to breastfeed her infant or teaching a family how to keep a sick little one hydrated. She holds the hand of a woman in pain, helps a burn victim do his exercises, and receives the reward of a shy girl’s smile of trust.


If you ask Chloe how she can keep pressing on when the hard days come, she will tell you; “People are sick and dying; people who have never had the chance to hear about Jesus before in their life. There’s urgency for others to know about Jesus when you know that life is so fleeting. And there’s great opportunity. There is really no other Christian witness in the area. We provide basic medical services in the village that the poor may not be able to otherwise access. And when people are sick or their family is in crisis, their hearts are more open to hear the Gospel. What a witness when they see doctors and hospital staff praying for them in the name of Jesus and then they are healed and recover from their illness!

“Knowing that this is where God has called me for this season is what keeps me going on hard days. It is in those hard days, when we have nothing left to offer but weakness and tiredness that God works even more mightily in and through our lives.”

As author Jennie Allen puts it, “We will not go charge a mountain with our glorious gifts and noble passions. We will do it in our weakness so that God will get the glory.” Chloe stays and sees patients for another day because she knows that even in her weakness, God will get His glory.

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Pray for all of the staff serving in all rural Christian hospitals to have stamina and strength to continue showing God’s love to their patients.


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