“We are a people of prayer, dependent on God.”

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It’s 3:25 PM. If you’re a teacher, it’s time for you to send your students home for the evening, and the work of preparing for a new day begins. As a teacher, your life is busy. You have a constant stream of ideas for reaching your students and so little time to get it all done. I know what it’s like.

The Lord began calling me to serve cross-culturally as a teacher my freshman year of college. I had the privilege of spending three years at an SIM school, Bingham Academy, sharing the gospel through word and deed with my precious kindergarten students. Now, I serve in the recruiting department of SIM USA.

Since beginning at SIM USA last October, the number of current and upcoming teaching needs around the SIM world has astounded me– 17 in Bolivia, 24 in Ethiopia, more than 30 in Niger, just to name a few. It seems impossible to see that many teachers come to the field in just 6 months.

But, that’s where we need you. During the month of February, would you commit to pray daily at 3:25 PM for SIM’s teaching needs around the world? It doesn’t have to take long; we trust the Lord will hear our prayers, lifted up around the world, asking Him to send laborers into the harvest fields.

SIM teachers impact a nation through serving MK families. SIM teachers raise support so families can send their children to school without outrageous tuition fees. SIM teachers work with students from the nations, many of whom will go on to serve in leadership or governmental roles such as the African Union or United Nations, as their parents already do. SIM teachers impact the world through impacting the lives of its future.

Will you pray the Lord provides the needed teachers? You can use this daily prayer guide as a help.

Want to do more? Here are some other ideas:

SHARE—Maybe you know some teachers who might be willing to go? Would you consider sharing this email or even hosting an event in your own community to talk about this need?

GO– Is God calling you to teach with SIM? Don’t take it lightly; take the first step. You can get started here.

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