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For the last 23 years, Pastor Tommy has committed his life to serving in Delhi. Pastor Tommy and his family have worked faithfully with God to grow a church out of a small slum school. As they invested in the lives of the people in their church, they came across many issues, which he found difficult to address with simple pastoral care techniques. And as he came alongside others, he noticed many of these issues mirrored in his own life. He began to openly share about his struggles and confess to fellow church leaders and realized that it seemed none of them had ever dealt with the root of their problems. This realization and the growing number of problems that his church members encountered gave birth to the thirst and hunger for counseling ministry.

Six years ago God gave him the opportunity to go through one module of a four year counseling course organized by Operation Agape and Association of Christian Counselors. Even though he was unable to complete the entire counseling course, he was greatly encouraged by this training and decided to help equip people with this knowledge and experience. After completing this first module, Pastor Tommy began noticing a change of heart within him. Not only was had he received some counseling training, but he was also able to benefit from personal and family counseling. Even though he was incredibly passionate about counseling and people experiencing real freedom in Christ, he simply did not have the resources to continue counseling his flock.

Biblical Counseling Trust of India (BCTI) was God’s answer to his heart cry of many years. It was through a divinely appointed visit from one of the BCTI trainers to a friend of Pastor Tommy’s that he came to know about the BCTI Counseling Trainings. Pastor Tommy was so encouraged by what BCTI was offering, that he organized a four module counseling training lead by BCTI for all pastors and leaders working with him. Despite a myriad of financial and other problems, the enthusiasm of Pastor Tommy and his team has been growing with every module.

To his delight, Pastor Tommy has witnessed changes in the lives of his people through this training. He has seen those struggling with deep sin realize for the first time how much they need the grace that only Jesus can offer. Pastor Tommy has learned how to walk alongside those that are struggling and lead them directly to the cross. With these tools in hand, he jumps at the chance to help those in bondage. BCTI has given Pastor Tommy and leaders like him the ability to biblically counsel people and offer them real hope and resources.

His own family life has been blessed through the wisdom in these trainings. If you ask Pastor Tommy how these trainings have changed his life, he will gladly tell you that through this training God has reinforced the fact that he is precious to Him. Before the truth of this training, he focused on his failures and weaknesses and was filled with guilt and discouragement. But through this course God has lightened his heart and lifted the bondage of finding his worth in good works. BCTI has given Pastor Tommy the gift of the heart knowledge that it is only through God that He is counted worthy.

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