Muslim Background Believers Now Preach the Gospel

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These courageous Christian workers call themselves the “Eleventh Hour Network” because they know the time is short, but the opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims right now is great!

In a long-unreached area of Africa, where Islam controls everything, Christians have suffered intense persecution. Islamic extremists are recruiting youth into the local terrorist group, while moral degradation and immorality in the community are yielding broken and dysfunctional families.

Yet here, now, God is powerfully at work! Our Eleventh Hour Network is leading people to faith in Jesus Christ, by the grace of God.

More than 50 young adults have joined the Eleventh Hour Network mission team—God is miraculously raising up believers from among the Muslim population to reach their own people. Your prayers and support are providing discipleship and evangelism training, sending them out to preach Jesus.

Delivered from the Darkness

Our Eleventh Hour Network team was invited by local Muslim leaders to hold an inter-religious peace dialogue in their community. This was the first meeting of its kind in this area, and many people had the opportunity to hear the gospel.

The team met several secret Muslim background believers and encouraged them in their relationship with Jesus Christ. One of them, Afiq, boldly welcomed our team into his home to share with his family. There we met his brother, Ahmad.

Ahmad shared his heartbreaking story of suffering years of demonic oppression. He’d tried everything. He’d even sought help from witch doctors and sheiks—including a ritual where they’d sacrificed several goats on his behalf—all to no avail. The haunting continued. Ahmad and his family were desperate and crying out for relief.

Our team shared the gospel with them. We shared passages of Scripture where Jesus confronted evil spirits and commanded them to leave. We prayed with Afiq for his brother’s deliverance. We prayed for God to intervene powerfully.

Hallelujah! He did! Ahmad gave his life to Jesus and was delivered from the oppression that very night! His countenance changed right before our very eyes. It was evident to us all—he’d been set free! And that’s not all. When neighbors heard what happened, eight more people came to hear the gospel for the first time! Afiq, Ahmad, and their family—and now even some of their neighbors—are testaments to the love and power of Jesus Christ in their community.

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