Keeping The Light In The Midst Of The Storm

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Pastor MosesPastor Moses G. Paye (pictured right), is the acting president of the Evangelical Church of Liberia  (ECOL), He has written to SIM to elevate the need for prayer and financial support as he and his disciples respond to the repercussions of the Ebola crisis.

The Evangelical Church of Liberia has experienced loss due to Ebola; there were 22 infections, 10 deaths, and five quarantined families by mid-November. Also, many ECOL members have lost family members.  One woman is grieving the loss of 15 family members to the virus.

By the grace of God, the Ebola infection and death rates in Liberia are slowing down. However, Liberians and health care officials remain cautious, as the virus is still found in the neighboring countries of Guinea and Sierra Leone.

ECOL members see opportunity in the midst of difficulty; trusting in God, they continue to minister despite limited resources.  Church leaders are serving their members, communities, and country in a variety of ways

1.    ECOL Prayer for the Nation:

ECOL holds a prayer meeting daily at noon for members to spend a few moments in prayer for the nation. They also join the entire body of Christ in Liberia to honor scheduled national fast and prayer meeting.

2.    ECOL Ebola Sensitizing:

In May 2014, ECOL began an Ebola awareness campaign in the churches to encourage, educate, and prevent infection.  Health workers who are members of ECOL churches are allotted time during worship services to educate people about the history, effects, modes of transmission and prevention of Ebola. SIM missionary Dr. John Fankhauser spoke at the Evangelical Christian Fellowship during one of the “health tips” sessions. The ECOL national leadership conducted a “trainer of trainers” seminar on Ebola for non-ECOL churches that lack members with health backgrounds. A total of 32 church leaders participated and are expected to create Ebola awareness in their churches and communities.

3.    Relief Assistance:

Financial support is consistently being raised throughout the churches to provide food and other supplies for members affected by Ebola.  Currently, there is not enough support to extend assistance to the entire community.  Relief assistance includes rice, cooking oil and cleaning supplies. ECOL has served four Ebola survivors and eight quarantined families, but it is facing a financial dilemma. In order to keep support available, a project (Liberian Church Ebola Response) has been created to enable ECOL to reach more people through community awareness, relief assistance, counseling services and reintegration programs.

4.    Counseling Services:

The counseling services include six volunteer pastors from ECOL that provide prayer and counseling by phone for members who are in need.

Please join Pastor Moses and ECOL in prayer for:

  • God’s intervention to stop Ebola in Liberia and other countries
  • More people to come to know Christ
  • Wisdom and guidance as believers minister through difficult circumstances
  • Funding for the Liberian Church Ebola Response project
  • Protection of health workers as they serve in high risk situations
  • The resources needed for ECOL to continue caring for four Ebola orphans.

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Please pray that the church leaders of ECOL and for God’s intervention in Liberia and other countries. Pray for success and progression for the Liberian Church Ebola Response and for the ministry of God to become adamant in the lives of those in Liberia.


Your support will help provide supplies for the Liberian Church Ebola Response Project in Liberia. These supplies will be provided to those who have been impacted by the Ebola Crisis and are in need.

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