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A group of men approached our medical team at Grieve Memorial Clinic in South Sudan.  They were Ingassna, known for their hostility towards the gospel.  In a small community, this rural health clinic is reaching thousands of patients – hundreds each day. War torn due to civil war, many people have been displaced in South Sudan, forcing them to flee to safer locations.  More than 150,000 refugees from Sudan have ended up near the community of Doro and other displaced peoples have come too.  Near our clinic is a camp for 50,000 refugees.  Among this influx of people is an answered prayer.  You see, our team had been praying about how to reach 5 specific people groups that we did not have resources or people to reach at that time.  Yet the Lord has now brought them to our door!  Back to our story…

As these Ingassna men approached, it was obvious that the community leaders and Imams were among them. They came bearing a letter written in English.  It said, “We want you to teach us about Jesus.” and was signed The Ingassna.  These leaders realized that they have been disillusioned.  In fact they told their people, “We have been deceived by Islam. If any of you would like to convert to Christianity, we will not stop you.”  And many have done just that- turned to Christ.  Our team consulted together and selected two men who could communicate with them and said they could go and teach them every Saturday. The Ingassna said, “No!” Actually, they said, “No!  That’s not good enough! We want to you to teach us about Jesus every day!”

The Lord has been readying these people for His Word!  Some have had visions or dreamed dreams.  One man dreamed of a man carrying a book two years ago.  Then, this past month, he saw that man with “The Book.”  We praise God for readying the harvest!

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