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Mimi served for seven weeks as a medical intern at Duncan Hospital, operated by the Emmanuel Hospital Association a partner of field India. This is an excerpt of an interview she gave before leaving at the end of that time.

How has this experience shaped your walk with God?

This experience has been a great encouragement to me in helping me think about how to make my work my ministry in the future. In Australia, the Christian doctors that I see seem to lead very dichotomous lives where their faith doesn’t really transpire into their work. Here at Duncan, it was the perfect example of how to be a Christian first and foremost, and then being a doctor. I was really inspired and filled with hope, because I had always thought that it was always going to be a struggle to be a Christian doctor in Australia. We are always told in Australia that if you aren’t careful, your medical work will swallow you up and there won’t be much left in terms of your faith. Now I can see that it is possible to be a servant leader, a Christian doctor.

As you’ve seen first-hand how God is at work, what needs and opportunities are prominent?

The biggest need in Duncan hospital would be the need for more staff. Many doctors and nurses are not willing to come to Raxaul because it can be a hard place to live in long-term. Despite the great number of babies born every day, there is no obstetrician here. During our stay, there was a visiting obstetrician from Australia who came for 3 weeks, and the whole team was generally strengthened by the teaching and experienced support we received.

Duncan is lacking in so many specialist doctors: e.g. anaesthetists, paediatricians, internal medicine physicians. Even the number of junior doctors present here is sometimes inadequate to allow for optimal care during stressful periods.

What did God teach you as you observed and interacted with local believers?

God taught me that even though there appears to be so much physical deprivation and bad facilities, the spirit of God was so overtly present here that everyone was so joyful and happy. I was the most content in my entire life here in Raxaul, even more so than with the comforts that Australia offered. I know that it was because I was so in love with God here that everything else didn’t seem to matter.

Reflecting on your experiences, what do you plan to share with your home church to stimulate or enhance their cross-cultural/global vision?

I plan to encourage everyone (but particularly young women) to think big about God and his mission. I could have never imagined several years ago that I would come to rural India and be so content. In fact, back then even the thought of travelling to India for a vacation was something that I would not have considered. However, after this trip, I know that I can trust God to send me somewhere that I would be able to bear with His help. For someone who is usually very quiet and sensible, this trip has taught me to be bold in the name of God, so I want to be able to encourage other similar women to step out in faith.

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