Dr. Sacra’s Appetite Returns

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Omaha, Neb – The appetite of Dr. Richard Sacra, the patient being treated for the Ebola virus at The Nebraska Medical Center, has returned in a big way. “Rick asked for enchiladas last night,” said Debbie Sacra, Dr. Sacra’s wife. “The food service folks have gone out of their way to prepare whatever sounds good to him. I’m happy to say the enchiladas sounded so good, he finished every last bite.”

Dr. Sacra has also benefitted from some home cooking coming from staff members at The Nebraska Medical Center. “One of the nurses brought a huge bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup prepared by her mother,” Sacra said. “It’s apparently a family recipe with special healing properties, so it is very much appreciated.”

Sacra said her husband is also talking a great deal on the phone that’s in his room inside the Biocontainment Unit. “While he’s starting to feel better, I think he now has a touch of cabin fever. But all the phone calls and conversations he’s having are certainly helping in that regard.”

Debbie Sacra also commented on the effort President Obama revealed today to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. “I’m encouraged that more help is going to be on the way,” Sacra said. “I hope it gets there as soon as possible.”

This article is provided by: The Nebraska Medical Center

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