An Open Letter: Hillcrest School Jos, Nigeria

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Hillcrest School Jos, Nigeria

I have taught at Hillcrest School for the past 9 years. I began when my youngest of four children started grade 1.

I have truly enjoyed teaching at the school for many reasons. Since all four of my children have attended the school, I liked being able to have a say in their education. As a teacher at Hillcrest you are able to be on board appointed committees that make positive changes to the school. I have been a part of several committees that have made changes bettering the school.

I also enjoy being able to influence the future of Africa. Because many of our students come from very prominent families, many will become the political and business leaders in the future. Our school is very intentional at putting Christ first in all things. If even some of our students become passionate for Christ and take that passion into their future leadership positions, then we have truly influenced Africa.

Since there are students from many different countries I have enjoyed the diverse community among the students, parents and staff. I have personally learned much about other countries and cultures through these friendships and interactions. Hillcrest special events are well attended by all the families and everyone becomes friends quickly.

I love the atmosphere that places Christ first in all things. The staff tries to do this in all activities from the classroom to the ball field to the music concerts etc. There are weekly chapels, student discipleship groups and Sunday morning church services. Teachers are encouraged to add biblical truths to all their lessons and Bible is taught daily from K-12.

I hope you take time to pray about becoming part of our great ministry here at Hillcrest.

In Christ,

Miriam Fretheim

Middle School Bible teacher

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