After the Terror —The Healing Begins

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Christians return to their homes in war-torn Nigeria.

Christians in northeast Nigeria have been suffering extreme persecution and horrific terror attacks by the Islamist group Boko Haram—often causing them to flee their homes. But because of your support, they’re beginning to return and rebuild their lives!

Your giving to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria has helped two communities rebuild their churches that were destroyed, and your gifts are providing food for refugees facing hunger because of the ongoing strife.

Binding the unseen wounds

The physical impact of war is horrible, but the spiritual and emotional wounds are just as real. Your support of Trauma Healing workshops is helping heal those wounds.

Much of the world became aware when Boko Haram cruelly kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in 2014. But more than 2,000 other women and children have already escaped the terrorists’ grip. And there are certainly more being held right now.

When they do escape, the victims and their communities face more horrors. What happens if they victims have contracted HIV? Or become pregnant by their captors? SIM counselors provide crucial care through Trauma Healing workshops, where victims share their grief, learn to forgive their attackers, and give their pain to Jesus at the cross.

“There needs to be some ministry to those families when those girls come back,” says SIM missionary Lorraine Foute. Trauma Healing is helping people forgive as Jesus taught. “We see forgiveness as a huge peace builder and reconciliation tool,” Lorraine says.

A renewed witness

As these Nigerian Christians return to their homes and forgive their persecutors, they can begin to reach out to their Muslim neighbors with the gospel of peace.

Please pray with us that Muslims will put their faith in Jesus as they see the perseverance and hope of our Nigerian brothers and sisters.


  • God’s protection as Christians return to their communities
  • An enduring end to the violence
  • Support for SIM workers as they minister to victims of war and famine
  • More workers willing to serve in this challenging environment
  • Christians in Niger to stand strong in the face of persecution

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