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Businesses can be missionary opportunities, too! 

July 18 used to be a difficult date for Miriam. On that day years ago her husband walked out on her and their two children. It has been a painful reminder each year since—until now.

Miriam was one of the first employees of a missional business started by SIM missionaries Bill and Charis to share the gospel in North Africa. After years of unemployment, raising her two children on her own, Miriam was hired and started her very first job—on July 18.

“I have started a new life and I can start making new memories,” she says. “This can only be from God.”

Bill and Charis started a business because they were eager to find effective ways to reach their neighbors. Many areas of Muslim North Africa are hostile toward the gospel, but the couple was burdened by people’s need for Jesus. Many people in their area are unemployed, so they decided to help by providing jobs.

“One of the greatest felt needs in our country is to have gainful employment so that people can take care of their families,” says Bill. “You typically see streets lined with men with nothing to do, devoid of hope.” There were almost no other Christians where Bill and Charis were, and the business became their opportunity for ministry.

“The people you work with, both employees and professional contacts, are there eight hours a day,” says Bill. “That’s much more time for discipleship, for speaking into their lives.”

Now men and women like Miriam are hearing and seeing the gospel through Bill and Charis, thanks to support like yours that makes this kind of innovative ministry possible.

Thank you for giving to enable evangelism in places opposed to the gospel. Your giving is bearing abundant fruit.

“I have started a new life and I can start making new memories,” she says. “This can only be from God.”



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