Chau Chau…For Now!

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Abby Strohman

So, I’ve been avoiding writing this blog for awhile now, but I finally decided to finish it off. I don’t know how to even begin to recap everything that happened in Paraguay and to accept that it has officially come to a close. While I have missed family and friends back home, I was nowhere near being able to understand what it would be like having to leave so many people that I love.

Last week I finished my time at the school with the students and left with a full bag full of notes and little trinkets, but a very broken heart. I looked at these students for my last times understanding that I have no idea when or if I will see them again. I heard so many little “I love you” , “I will miss you teacher” and “when will you come back?” That last question is what I have been struggling through the most. God willing…I hope soon. Those kids, that school has completely altered my future plans. Everything I thought I wanted got completely destroyed. I guess that’s what our God is in the business of, completely wrecking what we have planned. But guess what, His plans are so much better than ours. I have said that before, but I really believe that with all of my heart now. God has completely changed my life in only 2 months. The people of Paraguay will forever be in my heart and I pray that I will be able to go back there (soon) someday.

On Sunday morning I said my final goodbyes and took a plane out from Asuncion to Sao Paulo. Going through immigration and seeing the security guard put on that exist stamp was an abrupt way to help me realize that this all was happening. I was really leaving this place.
Leaving it completely breaks my heart. I never would have imagined leaving to be so hard, but I also never would have imagined my experience to be so good. It has been the hardest, but the very best thing I have done in my life.

I am currently in Charlotte, NC doing my debrief with the group of STA’s I had orientation with and it has been cool to hear the stories and how God has been at work with this group. I will be flying out for home on Friday. For those who are apart of my home church, I wanted to let you know that I will be speaking during Sunday school this weekend at church and hope to see many of you there!
As always, thank you for your prayers. God has definitely heard them and has blessed me immensely.
A few things to note for final prayer:
Making adjustments upon my return home
Being able to process everything
Safe travel back to Algona
For God to give me the words to say to be able to communicate all the incredible things that happened in Paraguay
Te Amo Paraguay. Te extraño Paraguay. Chao Chao!

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