“Jesus? Never heard of Him. Try the next village.”

In Southeast Asia, many people are trapped in false religions, serving false gods in bondage to fear and sin. One of our missionaries asked a man in a remote region if he knew Jesus, and the man responded with these words: “No, but maybe you can find him in the next village”!

It’s hard to believe, but there are millions of people in Southeast Asia who’ve never heard of Jesus Christ or even met a Christian.

They desperately need the gospel. That’s why we’re sending missionaries to tell them, focusing on nine specific areas in this hard-to-reach part of the world.

The missionaries will begin their work by building relationships. They’ll get to know people by teaching English classes or starting small businesses. All the while, they will offer friendship and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways. And when the opportunity arises to share the gospel, they’ll be ready.

This approach is already bearing fruit in many places. Now we have an opportunity to take it into areas that have been closed to the gospel for centuries. But we must act now, while the doors are open!

It will take $375,027 to bring the message of salvation to these nine areas of Southeast Asia this year. We’re praying that God will provide the funds through faithful partners like you. The missionaries are prepared to heed God’s call. But they need your support.

Will you prayerfully give whatever you can today?

Your gift will mean so much to them—and to those who will hear the message of salvation through them. You’ll be helping to bring the light of God’s Word to people in Southeast Asia who desperately need it.

Thank you and God bless you.