Sheila Fabiano (Angola)

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Praise for the rest, relaxation and reconnection that Sheila had over the past few months in the US. Pray that she would have everything she needs for returning to Angola at the end of the month, including finances to buy a new vehicle. Praise that 14 people have registered to begin a master’s degree at the seminary. Pray for wisdom and ability for Sheila to fulfill her teaching responsibilities in the undergrad program as well as to get the master’s degree program launched. Pray for the process of getting SIM Angola registered as an independent religious association.

Dan & Joan (East Africa)

SIM USAPrayer Requests

Praise that Dan and Joan’s friend from another religion has chosen to follow Jesus. Pray that she would be strong in the Lord and rooted and built up in the faith. Pray that her husband would see the change in his wife and be attracted to the Savior who shines in her. Praise that others in her family are reading the stories of Jesus for themselves. Pray that the entire family would come to know the love and saving power of Jesus. Pray that Dan and Joan would have wisdom, words, and love as they share Christ in their community.

Joshua & Jessica Kidwell (Appointees/Japan)

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Praise that the Kidwells have been given the green light to begin their visa process. Pray that it will go smoothly and in good time. Pray for them in the coming weeks as they take language acquisition classes, continue to fundraise (still need $2300 monthly) and pack up their belongings for their move to Japan, hopefully in March. They write, “We thank God that He has brought us this far. We look forward to how He will use us in Japan . . . .”

Josh & Bethany (South Asia)

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Praise that God has brought Josh and Bethany to a place of peace about remaining in the US for another six months. Pray for Josh’s trip to South Asia in February to grieve the loss of a dear friend, check on their unattended apartment, encourage teammates, water seeds of the gospel planted in friends and meet with leadership to talk about their future in South Asia. Pray that God would grant all they need to return to the field: renewed vision, financial provision, visa platform, and continued healing and restoration for Bethany.

Bob & Gayle Murray USA Regional Directors/South Sudan

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Praise for a safe arrival in Nairobi, Kenya, for the Murrays, for the time they had to learn about the South Sudan team and the ministries there and for their role in facilitating the team. Pray that they will be able to retain all that they are learning, have discernment in applying it as well as good interactions and communication with all of the people with whom they will be working. Pray that their work permits will be approved in a timely fashion.

Brian & Tracy Heffron (SIM USA/South Africa)

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Praise for the many lessons the Heffrons learned by living overseas and for a good transition back to making the US their home base. Pray for Brian as he uses technologies to continue his media work no matter where he is. Pray for him as he travels to South Africa to attend the SIM Global Assembly in February and help cover media needs for the largest gathering SIM has ever had! Pray also for more financial partners to make up a deficit they currently have.

Greg & Faith Hurst (Bolivia)

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Praise for the inauguration of the new church building in La Paz after years of sacrificial giving and work. Praise also for over 100 people who have completed a year-long membership process and are now training to become disciples who make disciples. Pray for a church-wide seminar in February to prepare teachers and parents to better reach the hearts of children with the gospel. Pray for the church elders’ retreat on February 10. Pray also for the monthly meeting Greg has begun to prepare pastors and church leaders for future church-planting training in La Paz.

Anthony & Nancy Petrillo (TEN3/Transformational Education Network)

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Praise for the anticipation that prayers of the last few decades for TEN3 may be coming to fruition in 2018. Pray for timing for the TEN3 board to meet and wisdom on how best to function with new members. Pray for clear communication regarding the major projects for this year and direction as to which people the Lord wants to be involved. Pray for wisdom for Christie, TEN3 Nigeria Director, who is now head of the ECWA International College of Technology. Pray also for Anthony to listen daily to the Lord and prioritize his many responsibilities.

Sara Wetmore (Benin)

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Praise for a time of rest and refreshing Sara had in the US, and that she has been back in Benin for two months now. Pray for her as she works at the clinic with a very limited staff and increasing patient loads (one day over 120 patients showed up!) Praise that a missionary midwife has visited and helped the clinic midwife improve her services and will return every couple of months to help. Pray that Sara finds times for rest and refreshing in her busy schedule. Pray also that she can restore her mailing list after her computer crashed.