Brendan and Erin Connally (Peru)

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Praise for Brendan’s useful and productive visit to Paraguay. Pray now for the production of the Acts story-set by the oral Bible ministry, which will be used to teach in new Quechua church plants and answer the many questions believers are asking. Praise for the arrival of much-needed equipment for Diospi Suyana dental clinic. Pray for the mobile dental clinic outreaches March 28 and April 20-25. Pray also for a dentist needed at the dental clinic which is losing two full-time missionary dentists this year.  

Sunday and Grace Bwanhot (USA/Culture ConneXions)

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Praise for recent connections with four people in need of Christ, including a visiting friend from another country and religion who stayed with them eleven days, and with whom they ministered in his illness and shared the gospel. Pray for these individuals and the Bwanhots as they seize such opportunities to share with the unsaved in their city. Pray for couples for whom they are providing discipling or pre-marital coaching, as well as for their participation at a number of significant ministry and training events during April.

Josh and Rosy Peterson (Uruguay)

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Praise for a recent blessed time participating in their first missions conference at a large church in Charlotte, NC, where they served with both children and university students during the conference, and Josh ministered to a group of Latino men at a prison outreach. Now back in Uruguay for their second term, pray as they continue working with youth and university students and Josh teaches again at the Biblical Seminary of the Americas. Praise for the exciting things God is doing in Uruguay and their privilege of being a part of it.

Randy and Ferdine Seamon (Italy)

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Praise that the monthly ministry to teens is going well, and that they are contributing in the worship services through media presentations. Pray for two men with the same name who have taken materials from the book stand. Pray that the one who says there is “no hope” will find hope in Christ. Pray that the other one, who has made a profession of faith in Christ through the materials he has taken and read, will grow and become regular in church attendance. Pray that the tracts the Seamons hand out regularly will be read and the truth will penetrate the hearts of the readers.

Becky Wright (Niger)

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Praise for the Becky’s safe arrival in Niger. The recent events there have created opportunities to distribute media materials to refugee camps and to those who have become more curious about Christian beliefs since the recent attacks on churches. Pray for wisdom for Becky and her partner as they create these materials and get them to those who can distribute them. Pray for the churches as they recover emotionally and physically and repair their buildings and homes after the persecution they faced. Pray that the Lord of peace would strengthen their hearts and minds in the midst of their recovery.

Bill and Eunice Schmidt (USA Retirees)

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Praise for the invitation the Schmidts received to visit Paraguay once again to minister at a men’s retreat and some team meetings, plus have personal visits with all the families who are planning to come to the Asuncion SIM Guest House to meet with them. Pray that Bill and Eunice will seize every opportunity for ministry and interaction, and have the physical strength necessary. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading as they minister, and sensitivity to respond to the needs of those with whom they come in contact.

Steve and Carol Kejr (SIM USA)

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Praise that Steve and Carol have now been in Liberia for over two weeks with Carol helping in the guest house and Steve working with the rebuilding of the hospital roof and repair of electrical wiring. Pray that this can be done before the rainy season begins. Pray also that chronic problems with the power house electronic control system can be identified and repaired. Pray that two shipments of supplies, materials for the hospital roof and water containers, will arrive and clear customs before the Kejrs leave in April.

Andrew and Hyejin Dykstra (USA)

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Praise for the start of Siloam Christian Academy (SCA), a ministry that reaches out to Korean students who have been sent overseas for their education. Praise for the three students currently enrolled at SCA, and pray for staff members at IBCD (Institute for Biblical Community Development) who are seeking to mentor them. Pray for Andrew as he and a team of men are constructing an apartment/dorm building where SCA students and the Dykstras will live when completed. Pray also for health and strength for Hyejin as she is expecting another child.

Steve and Mary Hawthorne (Bolivia)

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Praise for their new clinic facility in Potosi, formally inaugurated with a celebration on February 20. Praise also for Dr. Sangpuii and family who are in Spanish language study in Cochabamba and plan to move full-time to Potosi in July. Pray that Mary’s university women’s Bible study and her kids’ Bible club will continue under qualified leadership during the Hawthornes’ home assignment April to August.