A Priceless Heritage . . .Because of a Missionary’s Obedience

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Andrew is a missionary today . . . because of missionaries. Andrew Onguka’s grandfather was spiritually lost when missionaries visited his Kenyan village. They shared the gospel and discipled new believers—including his grandfather—and now, three generations later, Andrew himself is a missionary. “I’m fortunate because I was discipled by my grandfather,” Andrew says. “I was able to watch him up close. He was the same person in private and in public. I have a heritage I can’t even put a price tag on.” Today Andrew and his wife Stephanie run OneLife Africa, a discipleship program for young people in Andrew’s native Kenya. They see firsthand why discipleship is essential and cannot be neglected if we want to see lives and communities transformed for Jesus Christ. “Eight-five percent of Kenyans identify as Christians,” Stephanie explains. “They’ve heard the gospel. They’ve been saved ten times! It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impacted the … Read More

When the Holy Spirit intervenes for one lost sheep. . .

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Missionaries may be ministering on the other side of the world, but they are never alone. Jon Banke experienced all the pieces of the SIM missionary community coming together for another believer to be added to the kingdom. The Banke family has ministered for years among the Fulani people in Niger. There, Jon got a glimpse behind the scenes of how God works, revealing just how much it takes for one lost sheep to hear the gospel. Jon met a Christian group in Niger on their way to minister alongside a group of Tuareg believers in a small Tuareg village. They invited Jon to join them. Although he doesn’t speak Tamajaq, Jon agreed to go. The team encountered a Fulani man there—and Jon was the only one on the team who could communicate with him. “This man and I were having a great conversation, getting to know one another. Then … Read More

Muslim Background Believers Now Preach the Gospel

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These courageous Christian workers call themselves the “Eleventh Hour Network” because they know the time is short, but the opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims right now is great! In a long-unreached area of Africa, where Islam controls everything, Christians have suffered intense persecution. Islamic extremists are recruiting youth into the local terrorist group, while moral degradation and immorality in the community are yielding broken and dysfunctional families. Yet here, now, God is powerfully at work! Our Eleventh Hour Network is leading people to faith in Jesus Christ, by the grace of God. More than 50 young adults have joined the Eleventh Hour Network mission team—God is miraculously raising up believers from among the Muslim population to reach their own people. Your prayers and support are providing discipleship and evangelism training, sending them out to preach Jesus. Delivered from the Darkness Our Eleventh Hour Network team was invited by … Read More

SIM and MECO International join hands in the Middle East

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18 March 2016 SIM and MECO International are joining hands in a determined effort to drive the gospel forward as we work with churches and other organizations in the Middle East. The region offers one of the biggest gospel opportunities of our generation and this new initiative will seek to put more workers into Middle East countries. Both SIM and MECO leadership teams believe that together they are far better able to take the good news of Jesus to where he is least known than either could have done individually. Mike Parker, MECO International Director, said, “This is a historic moment for both organisations. “It represents a reaffirmation of our shared commitment to proclaim Christ and make disciples where he is least known, to live out the love of Christ and to partner with churches and other organisations to strengthen Christian witness across the Middle East.” Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM International Director, … Read More

An Open Letter: Hillcrest School Jos, Nigeria

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Hillcrest School Jos, Nigeria I have taught at Hillcrest School for the past 9 years. I began when my youngest of four children started grade 1. I have truly enjoyed teaching at the school for many reasons. Since all four of my children have attended the school, I liked being able to have a say in their education. As a teacher at Hillcrest you are able to be on board appointed committees that make positive changes to the school. I have been a part of several committees that have made changes bettering the school. I also enjoy being able to influence the future of Africa. Because many of our students come from very prominent families, many will become the political and business leaders in the future. Our school is very intentional at putting Christ first in all things. If even some of our students become passionate for Christ and take … Read More


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At 8am, the early morning sounds of the city slum are just beginning to swell into the bustle of the day. Thirty students begin to trickle into the tin-walled classroom at Path of Light Primary School. Their two teachers carefully watch and welcome each one as they enter – looking for signs the children have bathed and eaten before coming.

“We are a people of prayer, dependent on God.”

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It’s 3:25 PM. If you’re a teacher, it’s time for you to send your students home for the evening, and the work of preparing for a new day begins. As a teacher, your life is busy. You have a constant stream of ideas for reaching your students and so little time to get it all done. I know what it’s like. The Lord began calling me to serve cross-culturally as a teacher my freshman year of college. I had the privilege of spending three years at an SIM school, Bingham Academy, sharing the gospel through word and deed with my precious kindergarten students. Now, I serve in the recruiting department of SIM USA. Since beginning at SIM USA last October, the number of current and upcoming teaching needs around the SIM world has astounded me– 17 in Bolivia, 24 in Ethiopia, more than 30 in Niger, just to name a … Read More

Here and Back to Here Again

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I am a missionary kid (MK). My parents are retired missionaries who served with SIM in Niger, Nigeria and the United States between 1970 and 2013. I was born while they were serving in Niger. I am also in the “family business”, as a missionary serving with SIM at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger in 2016. While attending Kent Academy in Nigeria where my parents served for several years, I never dreamed that I would become a teacher myself, let alone draw on that experience regularly as I work each day. Even though I see now what a great opportunity it was and how much I benefitted from returning to the US at fifteen to finish high school at a boarding school while my parents remained in Nigeria, I was pretty angry with them at the time for sending me away. Additionally, this experience now gives me unique credibility with … Read More

The Legacy of the Gospel, SIM and Urbana | USA

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Dick Ackley was only 11 years old when he first felt “called” into missions. A young missionary kid, unsure of what his own life was supposed to look like, Dick sat at the spiritual life conference held at his boarding school in Ethiopia in 1964 and listened to the story of a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. Corrie Ten Boom, imprisoned in Ravensbrück concentration camp for her faith, looked out into the crowd that day and said, “God has a plan and a purpose for your life.” And for the first time, Dick really believed it. Fast forward in Dick’s life eight years, and we find him sleeping in his car in the dead of winter in Urbana, IL or, if he got lucky, he’d slip into the lobby of the dorms without being noticed. Dick couldn’t afford the full registration cost of the Urbana Conference but he knew … Read More