Here and Back to Here Again

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I am a missionary kid (MK). My parents are retired missionaries who served with SIM in Niger, Nigeria and the United States between 1970 and 2013. I was born while they were serving in Niger. I am also in the “family business”, as a missionary serving with SIM at Sahel Academy in Niamey, Niger in 2016. While attending Kent Academy in Nigeria where my parents served for several years, I never dreamed that I would become a teacher myself, let alone draw on that experience regularly as I work each day. Even though I see now what a great opportunity it was and how much I benefitted from returning to the US at fifteen to finish high school at a boarding school while my parents remained in Nigeria, I was pretty angry with them at the time for sending me away. Additionally, this experience now gives me unique credibility with … Read More

“Then I Will Teach Your Ways, Part I”

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By: Brittany Gardner, Missionary SIM Peru 4:54am. The only time the streets of Lima are quiet. Not even the birds are chirping yet, but they will soon start. In just a few moments the horns will start honking and the dogs will start barking and that dag blasted man (or woman) on the bicycle cart screaming something I have yet to translate and selling something I have yet to figure out, starts waking the neighborhood up. But at 4:54 (because I needed to hit snooze twice), it is still quiet. Because it’s an early morning and I have no intention on turning on the lights or my brain, I reach for my phone rather than my journal for a quick devotional. YouVersion never disappoints and the Lord is ever faithful, as my passage is a familiar but timely one: Psalm 51. My supervisor putters into the kitchen to turn on the … Read More