Moving Forward

SIM USABy Prayer

“Prayer is the mighty engine that is to move the missionary work” (A.B. Simpson). An engine is made up of many parts; so is sending you By Prayer. SIM fields submit requests; Pat Shea collects, edits and organizes them, working with Erin Hoyt to create a layout for printing with color and photos. Now, instead of an alphabetical list, countries are arranged under geographical regions. There’s also a glimpse into ministry contexts and how you can engage by prayer in God’s global work through SIM.

It is a joy to see these parts working together to bring you this new format. I want to thank Pat and Erin for all the work they do, and you for being a part of the mighty engine that moves God’s work through SIM — by prayer.

Charlie Thorsen, SIM USA Director of Prayer and Celebration

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