Back to School!

SIM USABy Prayer

As children in the USA begin a new school year, SIM MKs (missionary kids) abroad also begin school. Many attend international Christian or local secular schools near their homes, while homeschooling is the best option for some. For others, the best option may be a boarding school hours from home. College-age MKs usually attend university in the USA while parents return to or remain in their country of service. Especially diffi cult is the fact MKs abroad must say goodbye to special friends at the end of nearly every school year. These multiple transitions bring both blessings and challenges to missionary families. Your prayers help them immensely.

This edition of By Prayer focuses on the care and education of our missionary children. Our prayer is that, “…each generation tell its children of [God’s] mighty acts; let them proclaim [His] power” Psalm 145:4 (NLT).

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