Ministry Vision

SIM USA connects God’s people to God’s work in the world. Our desire is to fulfill the larger SIM purpose by partnering the Church in the United States with the Church around the world to strengthen it and to plant the Church where it does not yet exist.

Current Ministry

We are working to help evangelical churches and believers effectively engage in mission through going as missionaries, sending teams to enhance the ministry of their missionaries, financially investing in SIM projects and missionary support, and praying for the people and work.

Our 2015 goals include strategies for more engaging prayer and thriving people, and closer partnership with donors and churches that send and support missionaries. More intentional efforts are also being made to build partnerships with African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic churches. Between now and the end of September 2015, we are working toward accomplishing five pivotal goals:

  • Increase long-term missionaries to 800.
  • Achieve $6 million annually for SIM projects and 95% for all missionary pools.
  • Establish mutually beneficial partnerships within and outside SIM.
  • Communicate to evangelical mission influencers who SIM is now.
  • Recruit, wisely place, and develop NextGen in SIM USA.

Recognizing the benefits of establishing alliances with other mission agencies to achieve mutual goals, we are developing ways to explore, discuss, advocate, and model the changing dynamics of mission