Ministry Vision

Oficina de Conexion de Latinoamerica (OCLA) focuses on sending Latin American missionaries through the local churches or sending agencies in the home country of the worker. This began by enabling Latinos ready to go to the mission field but did not know how to get there.

Current Ministry

OCLA is now completely involved in mobilization, communication, partnerships, and sending. It is a privilege to serve with many churches, SIM offices, both sending and receiving, partners, and other organizations. When a person expresses interest in missions, the goal is not only for the person to go, but to fully engage in the sending process. Through it, we learn from each other and confirm the person, the field ministry, the team, and the sending church. OCLA is establishing some protocols for the work as it becomes more familiar with receiving countries. Flexibility and patience is crucial!

God is taking more Latino missionaries to creative access countries. Partnerships with international organizations create exciting opportunities as our workers join their projects. Those organizations then provide member care for the duration of their service.

OCLA anticipates interconnecting the Latinos working with SIM for support and identity. Through them, the church in Latin America may learn to send, support, give, and care for their missionaries.

Points for Prayer

  • Pray for vision from God and obedience from us.
  • Pray for wisdom to understand the next step in every situation.
  • Pray for vision, wisdom, strength, and health for the staff.
  • Pray that more churches will become involved in the Great Commission.
  • Pray that more Latino workers will go to the field.