Ministry Vision

To engage the largest number of missionaries in Brazil and in partnership with churches to bring the gospel to cross-cultural fields. Our mandate is to awaken the local evangelical churches in Brazil to serve Jesus’ Great Commission through SIM ministries around the world.

Current Ministry

SIM Brazil is a very young agency, entering its seventh year. The first step was to establish SIM in the Brazilian territory. Now it is beginning to send the first missionaries to cross-cultural fields. Several partnerships have helped to boost the work progress. Some areas that have been of great importance in our office:

  • Distance education: Through courses offered by distance education, SIM Brazil has provided churches and their leaders with a missionary training course.
  • The Annual Congress of Missions of SIM: This is a tool to awaken the Brazilian Church for missionary work and challenge the missionaries to go to cross-cultural fields.
  • Decomm-Development Communication: In partnership with Discovery Publishing, SIM created Decomm-Development Communication, a tool for tentmakers in the areas of advertising and marketing.
  • Short-term mission trips have also contributed to expansion of SIM ministries around the world. Many Brazilian pastors and leaders have participated in one of these trips, and churches are engaging in ministries of SIM.
  • Partners in Mission: The creation of Partners in Mission enables participation of partner churches in mission projects of SIM Brazil.

Points of Prayer

  • Pray for the SIM Brazil team to increase. Currently they have only five missionaries.
  • Pray for the support and maintenance of our office, especially in Administration, Communications, and Personnel.
  • Pray for Brazilian missionaries preparing for service.
  • Pray for short-term team trips.
  • Pray for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our team.
  • Pray for SIM Brazil’s developing project of raising funds for Rio da Huila Hospital in Angola.