The International Office—located in Fort Mill, South Carolina—provides leadership, support, care, and oversight to enable the people of SIM to fulfill Christ’s mission in the world. To visit the SIM international website, visit

Ministry Vision

By faith, we see the International Office serving the Lord and his church as we help SIM fulfill its mission with joy, effectiveness, and unity.

In order to fulfill this vision, the International Office will:

  • Uphold, communicate, and stimulate the values, vision, and ministries of the Mission.
  • Stimulate, encourage, and help directors to facilitate visionary, effective, vibrant, and responsible ministry teams.
  • Coordinate and optimize resources such as personnel, finances, systems, and policies.
  • Maintain the integrity of the organization.

Members of the International Office will seek to facilitate the effective work of SIM around the world in finance and investing, computer and other technology, personnel, communication and information resources, and ministry development.

Board of Governors

Mission leaders are accountable to the Board of Governors, which is responsible for the overall vision of the Mission and its policies. Experienced men and women from outside SIM membership represent their respective SIM Sending Councils and Boards and, along with SIM members-at-large, contribute their insights and expertise to review and shape overall direction for SIM.

Points for Prayer

  • Pray for unity, courage, wisdom, and discernment for the International Leadership Team.
  • Pray for a smooth International Director transition process.
  • Pray for the Deputy International Directors as they mentor, support, encourage, develop, and give accountability to our SIM leaders around the world.
  • Pray for effective mentoring and discipling at all levels of leadership, especially for wisdom in developing and encouraging SIM’s emerging leaders.
  • Pray for the implementation of the recommendations that have come out of the Country Reviews that have taken place.
  • Pray for the work of the Governance Development Team and the implementation of a new governance structure for SIM.
  • Pray for the launch of the SIM Commitment that will bind us as a community working together to share the gospel.
  • Pray for our teams at the International Office who do vital coordinating and support work in the areas of personnel, finance, projects, communication, archives, operations, and information systems.
  • Pray for the Ministry Development Team as they work alongside the International Leadership Team seeking to sharpen our focus through champions and advocates, ministry priorities, and multi-country ministries.
  • Pray for ministry champions and advocates as they motivate and provide resources for priority ministries in the following areas: children, M, youth and young adults, urban centers, universities, general education, church planting, health, business, micro-enterprises, radio, literature, media, translation, nomads, unreached people groups, HOPE for AIDS, theological education, and orality.
  • Pray for the ongoing growth and development of all SIM workers through the Thrive initiative.
  • Pray for faithful and dedicated workers from all over the world to join with us in fulfilling our purpose (Matthew 9:36-38).
  • Pray for the growth and development of partnership relationships, leading to effective and productive ministry with many organizations.
  • Pray for protection for all SIM missionaries and their families against personal attack due to their faith or nationality.
  • Pray for spiritual renewal throughout the SIM community.