Ministry Vision

By faith we see more workers and ministry resources from Switzerland sent to the places of need. We desire to glorify God by contributing to the advancement of his Church by:

  • Promoting a missional vision in churches.
  • Recruiting workers for the ministry areas of SIM.
  • Promoting SIM’s projects in Switzerland with an emphasis on sustainability.
  • Facilitating a network of immigrants in Switzerland reaching out together with Swiss churches to immigrants and Swiss.
  • Communicating the multicultural, worldwide valid character of the gospel.
  • Exploring the use of cross-cultural skills of returned workers.
  • Ensuring efficient administrative services, in-house or by third parties.

Current Ministry

  • The SIM-UK office in Wetheringsett is the service provider and hub for the various SIM entities in Europe. A strong partnership between these enables maximum cooperation and effectiveness for the sake of the Church.
  • Some European countries, such as Switzerland, enjoy a long heritage as missionary sending nations. Some other countries, particularly those having been confined behind the Iron Curtain, are now discovering their call to participate in making the good news known. They might contribute to a new dimension of persevering faith in SIM.
  • Europe is an SIM ministry area. A partnership agreement with European Christian Mission (ECM) and Greater Europe Mission (GEM) allows us to send SIM workers to several European countries where the percentage of believers is very low, such as Albania, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Kosovo, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.
  • The SIM Switzerland office in Biel/Bienne is dedicated to awareness raising, recruitment and public relations. It produces the SIM magazine in French, Italian, and German and serves as a liaison office for the partner organisations in Eastern Europe, ECM, and GEM.

Points for Prayer

  • Praise God for the predominantly positive feedbacks from churches and associates about how SIM cares for workers and how we act consistently and sustainably.
  • Pray for creative ways to stimulate the global awareness of children and young people and missionary involvement.
  • Pray for spiritual awakening in the churches.
  • Pray concerning the follow-up of former Associate workers.
  • Pray for God’s provision of necessary financial support.
  • Pray for wisdom for good, effective management for new sending entities in Eastern Europe.
  • Pray for more good relationships with immigrant churches.