Country and Ministry Profile

France is one of the countries where the Reformation started. The Roman Catholic Church has played a predominant role in French society and mentalities in the past. Anti-religious sentiments have developed in France since the 1970s and in 1999, those who identified themselves as French Evangelicals were labeled a “sect” by a government commission. There are 36,550 cities, towns, and villages in France and 35,000 of them do not have an Evangelical church.

Meanwhile, Islam has seen strong growth. For each Evangelical Christian in France, there are tenpracticing Muslims. France has developed a reputation as a “missionary graveyard.” It is one of the least evangelized countries in the world—only 0.4% of the population are Evangelical Christian. It is both essential and urgent that everything be put into place so that the Gospel is preached with strength and vigor.

Team’s Vision

The objectives of the SIM France Board are:

  • to send French missionaries to SIM fields around the world.
  • to welcome missionaries to France as a mission field.
  • to develop relationships with existing church unions that share our doctrine (creed) and are able to use missionaries in their work for church planting and growth of the church and evangelism in different ethnic groups.
  • for churches to go forth and multiply in a secular country.
  • to multiply the number of French Christians and churches involved in the Great Commission.
  • that more French young people will commit to the Lord and engage in spiritual warfare all over the world.
  • that more French church unions and Christians from French speaking countries will cooperate in preaching the Gospel worldwide.

SIM France is developing partnerships with two church unions (France Mission and the Association of Interdependent Evangelical Churches). Together we wish to help churches, particularly with young people, to become powerful workers in the hands of God. Together we wish to put everything into place so that French people will hear the Gospel and submit to God’s Word. Together we wish to help Christians and churches in French-speaking countries to put into action the Great Commission throughout the world. It is the desire of SIM France to put everything into place so that these objectives can be fulfilled. To achieve this, we wish to:

  • expand our discovery trips to stimulate personal relationships with Christ and missionary vision.
  • develop activities for young people to heighten their awareness of missionary work.
  • double the number of French long-term missionaries over the next three years.
  • develop partnerships with other French churches and missions to help expand our potential to act throughout the world.
  • develop resources that enable Christians in French-speaking countries to obey Jesus’ Great Commission.
  • develop an office capable of supporting and fulfilling these objectives.