Ministry Vision

The vision of SIM Mongolia is to glorify God by reaching the people of Mongolia with the gospel and discipling the Mongolian churches to become mature, evangelistic, and missions-engaged. In response to God’s love, SIM Mongolia will corporately realize its team vision of serving the young Mongolian church and beyond through loving and compassionate relationships.

Current Ministry

  • Establishing the prayer life of team members and Mongolians and mobilizing prayer support for Mongolia
  • Teaching and preaching the Word
  • Training leaders
  • Developing and maintaining healthy working relationships and partnerships
  • Modeling and mentoring Christian and family life
  • Raising national and international missionaries
  • Building relationships leading to social, economic, and life skills enhancement (teaching language, computers, music, health education, HIV and AIDS, crafts, etc.)
  • Encourage pastors and plant churches
  • Evangelism and discipleship
  • English teaching
  • Skills training such as medical and counseling
  • Community projects
  • Outreach trips

The ministry recipients include:

  • Mongolian church leaders and workers
  • Mongolian congregations
  • Present and future leaders, including Bible school students
  • Missionaries living in Mongolia
  • Children and youth, pre-marriage individuals, couples, single parents
  • Christians with a focus on missions
  • Mongolians of all strata
  • Foreign students and professionals
  • Nomads, rural people, Kasak, and Buriat unreached people groups

Points for Prayer

  • Pray for the strengthening of SIM Mongolian team. Pray for the personal and spiritual growth of our members, that each will be effective in h/her ministry. And pray for the team as they devise a better team strategy.
  • Pray for more short term and long term missionaries who are committed and mature to join the team.
  • Pray for better communication and partnership with JCS International (a consortium of mission organizations working in Mongolia).
  • Pray for the set up of an SIM office and guesthouse in Ulaanbaatar. Pray for an administrator to join the team.
  • Pray for the training and preparation of Mongolians to reach out to and plant churches in the countryside and overseas where diaspora Mongols live. Pray that we will help achieve Mongolian Evangelical Alliance’s vision to disciple 10% of the population to become faithful followers of Jesus by 2020.