Ministry Vision

The vision for SIM Bolivia is to develop a thriving missionary family advancing strategic ministries in partnerships, to strengthen the body of Christ in Bolivia, and impact the Church worldwide. Our mandate is to strengthen local evangelical churches in Bolivia by developing leaders through:

  • Children, youth, and family ministry
  • Evangelism
  • New initiatives in mission
  • Quechua ministry
  • Theological education emphasizing sustainability, partnerships, and showing compassion, all in reliance on God.

Current Ministry

  • SIM Bolivia has sought to develop new relationships with churches, groups, and organizations to create partnerships. We are helping our long-term projects move towards independence.
  • Ministry to the growing youth population is seen through our involvement in kids’ clubs, Sunday schools, schools, and camps. In addition to hands-on participation, Bolivia is involved with teacher training, producing Sunday school material, puppet ministries, and discipling young teachers.
  • Carachipampa Christian School (CCS) remains a primary ministry in Cochabamba as both a support to the mission community and an outreach to Bolivian society.
  • El Alfarero in Sucre celebrated 10 years of ministry to university students and is running independently. El Alfarero Santa Cruz is in the final stages of construction and will soon open its doors to serve the 80,000 students in local universities through the cafe, the counseling center, and training.
  • Several missionaries are involved in church planting and working alongside Bolivian hermanos (brothers and sisters) to establish new sources of Light for their communities.
  • A faithful group of SIM Bolivia missionaries offers experience and encouragement to Bolivian missionary training programs. Our friends in the Union Christiana Evangelica (UCE—the SIM-related church) and other independent groups have developed programs and agencies to send out missionaries.
  • SIM missionaries set up and serve in a new health clinic serving the Quechua community. Other missionaries have developed new relationships with local NGOs opening new work in community development.
  • Radio Mosoj Chaski continues to broadcast the Good News daily to the Quechua. Their Itinerant Bible Institute trains Quechua church leaders in remote areas of the country. Their literature department hopes to print the entire Bible pictorially in Quechua one day.
  • In theological education our missionaries continue to teach at the UCE seminaries. Equipping Servants has started new discipleship groups of pastors around Bolivia and other Latin American countries.

Points of Prayer

  • Pray for new missionaries for the ministry, especially among the Quechua, children, and youth.
  • Pray for cultural understanding in working with both Bolivians and with our international mission family.
  • Pray for partners in ministry with whom we can most effectively serve to build the Church.
  • Pray for wisdom and grace as we move our projects toward independence.