Ministry Vision

We see a dynamic interdependent partnership and mutually nurturing relationship with the Eglise Evangélique Indépendante du Togo (EEIT) and other missions and churches, as together we respond to the spiritual challenges in modern Togo and beyond, beginning with a particular focus on the unreached people groups from “another religion” in Togo.

Current Ministry

Traditional African religions are still dominant in Togo, and Islam’s influence is rapidly growing throughout the country. The church is also growing, and both churches and missions are enjoying greater freedom than in the past to meet these dual challenges.

SIM’s work began among the Kotokoli (Tem) people in 1992 with Kotokoli radio outreach. Out of the radio ministry developed a follow-up multi-purpose center offering students a place to study and hang out and where friendship is still the primary means of outreach.

SIM continues working alongside Kotokoli believers and local church leaders to reach the local population, specifically concentrating on chronological Bible teaching. By God’s grace, they have been able to offer local church and mission leaders training in reaching out to those among whom they live, Evangelism Explosion, and a pastoral training course. SIM enjoys an excellent partnership relationship with other agencies with common goals.

SIM Togo work alongside the Eglise Evangélique Indépendante du Togo (EEIT), first established among the Lokpa people by ethnic relatives of the SIM-related church (UEEB) in neighboring Benin. In recent years, the EEIT has started church planting among those of the other religion and in several neighboring Lokpa villages. The EEIT churches are now working hand-in-hand with EMS, the mission arm of ECWA (the SIM-related churches in Nigeria). EMS has had a missionary presence in Togo for over 20 years. Presently, there is one Nigerian missionary couple serving in the capital, working closely with SIM and the Lokpa churches. EMS has also begun supporting five Togolese missionary couples who are continuing work which was started by Nigerian missionaries several years ago, as well as beginning some new initiatives.

Points of Prayer

  • Pray for an openness among the 8-10 people groups from another religion.
  • Pray for more “ambassadors,” both indigenous and foreign, for Togo.
  • Pray for efforts to follow up the radio broadcasts; they have been having a tremendous response.
  • Pray for discipleship of those who have come out of the other religion, leading to spiritual maturity that will result in outreach to their own people.
  • Pray for maturity in the EEIT churches in the areas of discipleship, leadership training, church planting, and mission outreach.