Ministry Vision

SIM Mauritius’ vision is to:

  • Teach pastors and leaders to be effective in their own teaching ministry.
  • Establish and manage a personal evangelism program in churches nationwide.
  • Help local churches address social needs in their surroundings.

Current Ministry

  • Theological training: SIM teaches Bible interpretation and leadership.
  • Evangelism: Evangelism Explosion program (EE) trains local believers to share their faith with people they encounter daily and mobilizes their members into a lifestyle of evangelism.
  • Worship: SIM worship ministries train believers in expressing their adoration to God in creative ways.

Points for Prayer

  • Pray that God would guide us into a fresh approach for SIM’s work in Mauritius given the failure to renew occupation permits under the company registration.
  • Pray that God would raise key people in the development of SIM’s work in Mauritius.
  • Pray that SIM will continue to play a leading role in the growing demand for solid theological training.
  • Pray for unity among churches and a common vision among believers to reach the lost.
  • Pray for strength and perseverance for believers who are subtly persecuted and disadvantaged in all areas of everyday life.
  • Pray for solid church leaders to become models for the people and respected spokesmen for the Church.